Leiyarose Zingkhai speaks on women empowerment at Ukl


Mungchan Zimik
Ukhrul, Oct 6: Leiyarose Zingkhai, a PhD scholar from Tangkhul community, while attending a TBCA Women Triennial Conference at Ringui village, spoke about the needs to provide equal opportunity on both sexes to bring about an egalitarian society in the State.
Stressing on the topic empowering women, Leiyarose Zingkhai said that woman are nothing lesser or inferior than man in terms of education and intellect.
Leiyarose continued that the role of a women in the society is not just giving birth but also have to participate in decision making and lead the peoples at different arenas for building stronger societies and Nation at large.
There is a growing needs of women researchers and academicians in our contemporary societies, she said and urged all to eliminate 'gender discrimination' and promote equality in every way possible for the betterment of the society.
"Women must be given 'equal opportunities' based on their qualification and capabilities to serve the people", she added.
In a significant outcomes of the conference, TBCA women secretary, Chonchon Kaping disclosed that the union has resolved to extend a financial support to Tangkhul women to increase human resources in the field of theology.
Later, a choir competition was also held at Ringui Baptist Church, apart from entertainment programmes performed by the local artistes to cheer the audience.