Amur Falcon begins arriving


IMPHAL, Oct 7: Migratory bird Amur Falcon which comes to Tamenglong every winter season, began arriving at Barak river banks yesterday.
It may be recalled that the District Admission has issued a complete ban on hunting and killing of the said bird species and the Forest Department had worked tirelessly to  spread awareness on the bird.
Last year, scientists satellite tagged two Amur Falcons, named Tamenglong and Manipur, to study their migratory route and other details. However, Manipur was killed by hunters shortly afterwards while signal from Tamenglong was lost after the bird reached Zambia.
In a bid to complete the study this year, the Forest Department, in collaboration with Wildlife Institute of India, is planning to tag five Amur Falcons.
According to an official of the Forest Department, WWI scientists have even reached Tamenglong and they have already initiated charging the satellite transmitter.
The scientists will select a location to start tagging the birds.