Bell rung on opium, migration wars


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 8: The proscribed PREPAK (Pro) has categorically stated that minimising indigenous people to maximise the number of outsiders is the most dangerous policy of ethnic cleansing.
According to a statement issued by PREPAK(Pro) Chairman L Paliba M on the occasion of the outfit’s 43rd raising day (October 9), Government of India has recently embarked on a new design of “Opium War” which allows a few person to openly manufacture and sell drugs in Manipur. Government also indirectly supports and gives incentives for cultivating opium, it alleged.
Arresting and destroying some drug factories are being done but it is just like whitewashing people’s apprehension. While creating chaos among ethnic communities to promote disunity and conflict, indigenous people are being marginalized by drug related deaths and these cases are due to availability of drug on large scale Bell
in the region, said the outfit.
Now, Hindi language is forcefully imposed as everybody’s mother language. Many local leaders also overtly support this policy. Foreign culture conflated into indigenous traditions has caused degeneration of our society. Knowing the roots causing degeneration of our society, the State leaders should dedicate themselves to prevent it from further degeneration, the outfit asserted.
The objectives of Indian policies on education, culture and human resource development are to dominate the ethnic minorities.
“We need to resist these hegemonic policies, for it is quite dangerous to our society”, Paliba said.
Government of India has accepted the resolutions of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) but India redefines the Article 1 of ICCPR wrongly as “Right to Self Determination must be applied only to the peoples under foreign domination”.
Manipur was never an integral  part of India, it alleged and added that the pressing matter of self determination of our people is the logical outcome as India annexed Manipur without any referendum.
By allegedly colonizing Manipur, India has been bragging very loudly that the right to self-administration is incorporated by conducting five-yearly elections in Manipur. India-supervised election cannot be considered as a testimony of Manipuri people’s  willingness to join India. Such election has nothing to do with the right to National self-determination, Paliba asserted.
The indigenous culture, religion, economic and social infrastructure of Manipur, are not being protected by the Indian Government. Rather, these infrastructure are forcefully being pushed into the Hindu domain and there is conspiracy to break the administrative and territorial boundary of Manipur. This socio-cultural domination is a violation of Vienna Declaration of 1993 and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), alleged the statement.
It may be understood from the frequent expression of Indian leaders that they wanted a homogenous identity for India with all people speaking Hindi language and having the physical appearance of northern Indians, said the outfit further.
Article 370 which was supposed to protect the rights and identity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, was abrogated on the false logic that this Article will challenge integrity of India, alleged the outfit.
“Now, we may assume that the provisions which empower the tribal people of North East India might be erased soon in future, as such special status would hamper the unification of India, considering the Government’s rhetoric regarding the abrogation of Article 370”, the Chairman continued. 
Minority ethnic people of the North East would be left without any future in India and it is sure that they will lose their identities so long as they live within India. If they want to live with dignity and protect their identity, then the only way and means is to separate themselves from India, added the statement.
“We should not live in pipe-dream by expecting protection and goodness from the Indian political leaders and their Constitution. The best way to preserve our identity is to live separately as independent India and independent Manipur”, asserted the chairman.
On the occasion of the outfit’s raising day, the chairman also offered revolutionary salute to all the people who have laid down their lives in the course of the liberation struggle and conveyed deepest regards to all the communities and fraternal revolutionary organizations.