PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro) greet on foundation day Caution against CAB sounded


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Oct 9: The proscribed PREPAK has called upon all the people of Kangleipak (Manipur) to rise and fight against the onslaught of Hindutva.
With a racist population policy, India is bringing CAB to turn Kangleipak into  a land of non-local people, reads a statement issued by the outfit’s acting chairman Kh Sathy on the occasion of its 42nd raising day (October 9).
The people of WESEA and organisations with the objective of National liberation must face the situation with seriousness. The people of Kangleipak must abandon the illusion that they will benefit from Indian Constitution.
“We must save our society from the destruction caused by Hindutva. For this, the only way is to build an independent, progressive and an egalitarian Kanglei society. In order to achieve this goal, the people from both hills and valley must come together and take part in the National liberation struggle which lies in front of us. For this, we need to march towards the battle front of our revolutionary National liberation movement”, asserted the acting chairman.
PREPAK also paid homage to those who laid down their lives in the revolutionary struggle to liberate Kangleipak from the ‘clutches of colonialism.’  The outfit further conveyed its greetings to the indigenous communities who have been living together facing brutal repression at the hands of the colonisers.
It also greeted all the leaders and friends of revolutionary parties, also to the parties engaged in revolutionary movement in WESEA and the people of the world oppressed by colonialism.
If Indian armed occupation and Hindu cultural domination which have been going on for ages are not resisted, then India will eventually engulf the people of Kangleipak leaving no trace, alleged the outfit. Act East Policy, Trans Asian Highway and railway will serve to wipe out the indigenous people of the region, it warned.
What has been done to Kashmir is a clear act of Parliamentary dictatorship. Kashmiris are now locked inside their homes, children have been detained, students are not going to schools and there is a ban on media, a war has been waged against the people of Kashmir. Many countries and United Nations have opposed these measures, the outfit remarked. 
Similarly, the Indian Nationalism, democracy and Hindutva have been attempting to turn WESEA into a land of outsiders through Citizenship Amendment Bill. It wants to turn WESEA into a ‘settler colony’ with non-local people becoming majority, Sathy said.
Indian military forces have stamped the people under their boots and tortured the people at gun point. Their conspiracy to wipe out the indigenous communities of WESEA from the face of this planet is now being brought up afresh. The situation has come to such a point where the people of Kangleipak are on the verge of being wiped out from the history of human civilization. 
“In order to save ourselves from this devastation, we need to search the basis for our liberation and take the path of National liberation. In order to liberate our Nation, we must wage an armed struggle against the enemy so that we do not get trapped by the enemy”, said the acting Chairman.
Today, India is playing divisive politics in WESEA in order to foment tension between different communities. In the name of development, India is snatching natural resources and wealth. Oil, water, power and plants and herbs have been taken away using might, the outfit alleged.
“Given this condition, if we are dreaming of autonomy and shared-sovereignty under the Indian system, it is a huge mistake. Now, Article 370 has been scrapped from Jammu and Kashmir. This matter compels us to be careful. All the communities in WESEA must understand that we will find nothing in the Constitution of India which will benefit us. Communities in WESEA, which India calls North East, must come together and collectively fight to regain the freedom that was snatched from us so that we can decide our own fate”, reads the statement.
India is leading WESEA on an anti-revolutionary path to break the spine of the people of WESEA. India is cropping up rich contractors in WESEA who serve as compradors to exploit our resources and oppress the people. In name of trade and commerce, through WESEA, illicit drugs and substances are smuggled and the place is being developed as a profitable market for these harmful substances. Indian armed forces are taking advantage of this situation, using this conflict as a source of income, it alleged.
It is important that every community of WESEA must understand this. WESEA has become a market where the world sell its cheap commodities and has become a transit point for drug trafficking. Indian military, police, political class and bourgeoise are all involved in this, further alleged the outfit.
The newly emerging bourgeois class of WESEA are expanding their interest from the city centre to the outskirts. They are buying swathes of paddy lands, turning these valuable paddy lands into farm houses, using these places to spread the epidemic of capitalism. It has made the situation more complicated. It is same as the anti-revolutionary movement waged by the landlord class of Russia, known as Mir, to dismantle the 1917 Russian revolution, said PREPAK.
Indian rule has curbed the educational institutes of WESEA and is oppressing the society. India has violated all human rights that people of WESEA deserve. Given this, India figured among countries with most cases of human rights violations in the recent 2019 list of United Nations, it alleged further.
India has violated the freedom of speech and expression that people deserve. Representatives of JACs, clubs and Meira Paibis who are carrying forward the people’s movement, are slapped with criminal cases to silence them, it alleged.