CPI public meeting D Raja bats against conspiracy


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 11: , Categorically stating that the people and political parties of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh must be taken into confidence before the Naga peace accord is signed, CPI National Secretary and ex-MP D Raja has declared that the party will continue to stand for the territorial integrity of Manipur and oneness of its people.
The CPI leader also lambasted the Government of India for its failure to maintain transparency in the Naga peace talk and the Framework Agreement, adding that there should be transparency and not conspiracy in bringing settlement to the Naga peace talk.
Addressing a public meeting organized today by CPI, Manipur State Council at Kuki Inn, Imphal, the CPI National Secretary further lamented that the agenda of Greater Nagaland has divided the North East region and created distrust and animosity among the people.
While stating that such acts are against the wishes and aspirations of the people of the North East, Raja asked why the BJP-led Central Government has been pursuing divisive politics in the North East. 
He asserted that the people of Manipur are apprehensive that either some parts of their land may be taken away to form Greater Nagaland or the State may be divided internally.
Similarly the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are also getting tensed that something unwanted or undesirable may come out of the Naga peace talk as nobody knows anything about the contents of the Framework Agreement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and GoI’s interlocutor RN Ravi have not told any truth. It seems that the leaders of the BJP-led Government think that they can deal with the people of Manipur and North East in a dictatorial manner, Raja alleged. Pointing out that the issue of Naga peace talk and its imminent solution have not been discussed in Parliament, Raja also questioned as to what the BJP-led Government is doing in the name of Naga peace accord.
“The North East region including Manipur is a sensitive region. They must be treated with dignity and respect. GoI should not create political turmoil, social turmoil or cultural turmoil. There should be transparency in the Naga peace talk and there should not be conspiracy ”, he said.
He lamented that the entire North East region has been put into turmoil due to BJP’s consistent effort to pass and implement CAB in the region as against the wishes and aspirations of the people. Decrying that Article 370 of the Indian Constitution had been abrogated and the State of Jammu & Kashmir bifurcated into two Union Territories in an undemocratic manner, the CPI National Secretary alleged that BJP has been misruling the country with all characteristics of authoritarianism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are the twin pillars of this autocratic rule, he added.
He also alleged that BJP and RSS have been spreading falsehoods and lies to the extent that Dr BR Ambedkar and Sardar Patel had opposed Article 370 which was recently scrapped from the Indian Constitution.
CPI, MSC State secretary L Sotinkumar said that the State Government leaders and the Chief Minister are not bold enough to defend the State from the adverse impacts of Naga peace talk. Opining that it is not a right or bold step for the State’s Chief Minister to return home by just listening to a plain assurance from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he said that it is high time for the State Government and all legislators to exert maximum pressure on the Central Government to disclose the contents of Framework Agreement and the terms of agreement reached between GoI and NSCN (IM) on October 31.   However, the State Government lacks will power to urge the Central leaders to do so and is instead trying to divert the people’s movement. Such acts of the State Government makes CPI suspicious about involvement of the State Government in the GoI’s conspiracy, he added. 
Many other veteran leaders of CPI, CPI (M) and RSP, including Dr M Nara, Ch Amutombi and Ksh Santa  also participated in the public meeting.