Writers convention organised PAWF Manipur to write to UN on Naga political dialogue


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 11 : Patriotic Writers Forum Manipur organised a one day writers convention for "Manipurgee Ngamkhei Amasung Apunbagi Shaktam Ngakpada Ayibasingi Thoudang" at Manipur Dramatic Union hall today.
Manipur Sahitya Parishad president Professor IS Kangjam, member of General Council Sahitya Akademi New Delhi Professor Jodha Chandra Sanasam, Patriotic Writers Forum Manipur president Yaiskul Khwairakpam and Sahitya Akademi awardee Saratchandra Thiyam attended the function as presidium members.
Speaking at the function, Professor IS Kangjam expressed that the non-disclosure  of the agreement brought between the GoI and NSCN-IM has created anxiety and unrest among the people in the State.
People are apprehensive that the different communities in the State which have been coexisting since time immemorial   will break up as a result of the "final agreement of the political dialogue", harming the integrity of the State and this is the only reason why people are joining this mass movement, he remarked.
He further stated that organising a writers convention at a time like this is appropriate.
Maintaining that although the proverb, "Pen is mightier then sword" is not effective like it used to, writers of the present generation cannot remain mum also.
Writers should do what they do best to reach out to the authorities and at the same time relieve the public of their apprehension, he added.
Member, General Council Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi Professor Jodha Chandra Sanasam alleged that the State Government and the representatives have turned a deaf ear to the grievances of the people.
He further alleged that the authorities are responding to the matter with their heads and not with their hearts.
He further stated that different Sates in the country should come together to convene a body like the UNO to deal inter State or intra State issues so as to highlight them to the Central Government.
Different resolutions were adopted during the convention which include the writers to fight tooth and nail against any harm on State's integrity.
The writers also resolved to write to the UNO and decided to form a peace and security council, in which the members should be from States like Maharashtra, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.
They also resolved to urge the MPs, MLAs and other representatives to be responsible in safeguarding the integrity of the State. They also formed Manipurgi Ayiba Lupsingi Apunba Lup (Union of Associations of Manipur Writers) while executive members of the newly formed Lup were appointed as well.