Ocean of communalism

Kajal Chatterjee
Since Supreme Court is the highest decision maker of the land; it's verdict is required to be accepted, irrespective of whether one likes the verdict or not.
But it is indeed an irony that now sane talks of communal harmony and religious tolerance and brotherhood are coming from those very force who had invoked Ramjanmabhoomi movement, launched Ram Raths igniting communal flames along its path, played the role of destruction of Babri Masjid which resulted in communal riots almost throughout the country! And not to forget the "promotion" of a fringe political party to the thrones of power by exploiting this very temple-mosque saga!  The lip service of communal harmony after the creation of Ram Temple getting ensured reminds us of M.A.Jinnah who acted "pious" and talked of religious brotherhood after getting the "prize" of Pakistan following his leadership in blood bath throughout the subcontinent killing raping displacing billions!
Also call of "respecting the Supreme Court verdict" is coming from them who had declared many times that "faith is more important than land records" whenever they had expected the Judiciary to pronounce verdict not to their tastes or "faith"! So much respect for the highest Court of the land! It can certainly be questioned whether  the supporters of the verdict would have accepted it with so much "poise" and "liberalism" had it been different or opposite!
If one heavyweight is declaring that the "whole nation has welcomed it", another says that the verdict is in line with "sentiments of the whole nation"! I wonder through which "magical" mechanism have they reached such a conclusion! Did they undertake any opinion poll covering each and every citizen of the country and all have expressed that their "sentiment" is dependent solely on the Ram Temple! In a democratic nation, anybody holds full legal right to jump in heavenly joy that at last the much-longed Ram Temple is coming up! But by which authority can they dare to impose their personal or religious opinion upon the whole population as if those who differ with them do not exist or simply don't matter!
As for those who are saying "all are welcoming it", question needs to be asked is there any avenue to express contrary opinion without fear of getting hounded assaulted or prosecuted after getting character assassinated as "anti-national"!
Also it is foolish to believe that the political instrument of "Hindu-under-seige" will now cease to exist! Were Hindus indeed "under seige" previously! Certainly not. Rather it was merely a figment of crude imagination which was cleverly sold to the gullible mass who nurture poison of communalism and hatred in their hearts and whose goal was to see a "Hindu Rashtra" in India where minorities would have to fall in line and accept their trampled fate! Thanks to these huge vote bank of Hindutva brigade, the scheme of "Hindu-under-seige" is full fledged alive and flourishing specially when "justice" is yet to be served to Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Mathura's Krishna Janmabhoomi "polluted" by the adjoining Gyanvapi mosque and Shahi Idgah mosque respectively!
Far from a secular environment, the fact remains that with each passing day the polity and electorate is dangerously getting immersed in the poisonous ocean of communalism.
The writer is based in Kolkata