That peaceful moment

-Palit Chingtham

Cycling in ecstasy and  calmness
Feeling the wind touch my skin
My legs are tired
I don't want to stop
I want to keep enjoying the wind
The surrounding becomes blurry
And disappearing .
I keep going faster and faster ,
Feeling both invisible and invincible
I look up and see that beautiful luminous ball .
My friends are far away ,
And I am alone .
I feel free sitting here alone .
Staring at the star like fireflies
I sit here and sing .
Sometimes I stop and listen to the melody of the moving leaves .
Looking down I see my reflection in the water
I smile looking at myself .
Seeing how weird and stupid I look
I take out my phone and play some music
Hoping it would become one with the scene .
And it did ,
It complimented the sound of the wind and the beauty of the place .