Indo-Naga talks: Praying for a happy ending

Maharaj: We are praying for an amicable happy ending. But our territorial integrity is sacrosanct. There is no scope to negotiate on this issue. Our land will remain ours – the land of 37 ethnic groups. The political and physical map of the land will remain the same.  Despite umpteen assurances from Dili, Kangla, Langing and from prominent leaders on this issue, why are people so agitated?
Bizandoo : Huzur , People are so anguished perhaps because the emotional ties among the various ethnic groups of the land have been severely breached by the prolonged opaque  dialogues. They are now more anxious to know what exactly will happen to their age-old common tradition, bonding, territory and history when the final agreement is signed.
Maharaj ; Are you sure that the final deal is likely to be struck very shortly.
Bizandoo : Eigya, some people are insisting that the final agreement is completed at the earliest, for the reasons best known to them. I don’t know whether they have found a viable peaceful solution.
Maharaj :  if it is so, then the important stake holders must be consulted before it is finally inked.
Bizandoo : Huzur, the definition of stake holders vary from time to time; if the final agreement has nothing to do with Ahom, there will be no stake holders from there ; hence there is no need to consult any stake-holders if they are no more relevant.
Maharaj : Bizandoo, still there must be some stake holders  in addition to the  parties to the parley; what about their opinion; whether their views will be heard properly or considered considerably at the concluding stage?
Bizandoo : Eigya, I was told that Dili had already collected the views of all the stake holders including from your good self.
Maharaj : Be serious , what is the latest news from Dili about the Talks ?
Bizandoo : Eigya, as far as I know the  rounds of talks between the talking parties have completed for the time being; a rough draft is prepared to show to the top Brass and perhaps to top stake holders.
Maharaj: I have sent my representatives to follow the developments closely; they must talk to the concerned authorities so that an amicable solution is worked out without violence and bloodshed.
Bizandoo : Huzur, they know our opinion very well, they also know the view of our Darbar ; almost all the Darbar Members are in favor of an amicable settlement without fragmenting others land and also without hurting the emotional and traditional bonding of the people in the region.
Maharaj: There lies the stalemate, the major demands of the demanding party is about expansion of their Lebensraum (living space) and about the integration of some particular ethnic entities under one umbrella at the cost of others, breaching the age-old bonhomie and historical ties among the people.
Bizandoo : Sire, Dili understands that our problems are very complex ; earlier they thought that the issues can be settled easily; now  they have  realized that the issues are so intricate that even their best brains have difficulty to find a peaceful workable solution.
Maharaj :  Still we need more time to consider and reconsider the pros and cons of the demands and issues;  people have equal rights, all the citizens have to be treated fairly and equitably, all the ethnic groups should be given equal respect and footing.
Bizandoo : Huzur, Dili is learning many things from us; they are rather enlightened by our local leaders,  scholars and activists; we are also learning many things from them ; I think we should continue the process till a happy ending is found for all.  I believe, now they have gradually understood the significance of our intricate traditional territories and heterogeneous setting of the people in the region.
Maharaj : Are they going to do something before Christmas? I am afraid!
Bizandoo : Eigya ,  let us wait and see ? The deal shall be termed as successful only when all the sections of the people in the region celebrate it. 22-25 years is nothing for bringing about a lasting peaceful settlement with all stake-holders. Finding a solution to please everyone may be extremely difficult but not impossible. Let us give “SAMAY” (TIME) one more opportunity.  Waiting itself is also a solution. Eigya, we hope Dili is listening.