Awarded, outdated currencies & MCS/MPS saga

Bizandoo : Congratulations Sire! for Today Award for small land ; what is this reward for ?
Maharaj : Thanku Thanku ! this Award is exclusively  for inclusivity ; my agenda of inclusive growth for the parivar has got recognition; Bizandoo what is up in my absence !
Bizandoo : Eigya ,everything seems normal, people’s alert sessions are on , leaders are still giving warnings on CAB and Acord, media is kicking , markets are functioning off and on, offices are working as usual for 3-4 hours a day; most of the people are alive ,amidst Dili court wants  reconduct of MCS/MPS exam; meanwhile  some old currency notes have been recovered from some old and retired people.
Maharaj : Be serious, any trouble for Sangai ; regarding the old notes  they should have distributed the money in time to the poor people –  they have wasted it, they don’t have any sense of responsibility. Now even RBI will not accept it; who will keep them ?– agencies are fed up of these  outdated notes.
Bizandoo : Eigya ,  Sangai will run ; this time we expect more party people for the festival; we are managing the entire show ourselves, Dili Mantriji-cum- in-charge has arrived;  Sire MPSC is perhaps not will to conduct any MCS/MPS exam because their exam is always hacked -  UPSC may be  requested to conduct the exam on our behalf.
Maharaj : What about the MPS seniority case ? Is there any clarity on it ?
Bizandoo : That is also fixed by the Dili Court saying that the inter-se seniority must be maintained. To avoid any untoward incident, seniority list for the direct recruits and promotees  may be maintained separately and merging may be done at the level of DG. So that we avoid any clash of interest.
Maharaj : Be practical, it is no joke, nobody will reach DG rank; it is reserved for Dili recruits only.
Bizandoo : MPS promotion may be segregated ; separate roster may be maintained for direct recruits and promotees;  a logical ratio may be fixed on the basis of some reasonable criteria. Otherwise unnecessary hassles may crop up from time to time.
Maharaj : in the flight I heard that we are  forming the government in Mumbai without Senas; is it possible without Senas? I don’t know whether Pawars are still having some power?
Bizandoo : Our top leadership functions only in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of dawn. Even the media was not aware what went on in Maharashtra; I have been telling  that party can’t sacrifice the commercial capital . I am told that both CM and Dy CM were brought to Raj Bhawan for taking oath without their knowledge; His excellency was REQUESTED to get up and revoke the Central Rule and also  to preside the swearing in ceremony.
Maharaj : We are used to such operations; our bosses normally maneuver at the dead of midnight or at dawn; I receive phone calls even at midnight when I am completely out, I mean completely on the way to bed.
Bizandoo ; Eigya I seriously feel that we must start working at night – because most of the important communications come at night; last time I responded the call on your behalf saying that you are in toilet; actually you were already asleep; Huzur, let us start sleeping during the day and stay awake at night.
Maharaj : Bizandoo ,  you always save me in the name of toilet or latrine ; next please use some more refined expression like wash-room, rest-room etc.
Bizandoo : Done Sire . Since you have come from Dili  , is there any information of Naga Acord or Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) etc ?
Maharaj : Frankly speaking I went to receive the inclusive Award from the Hawa -Nungsit -Ching- Maan Mantriji. We had no time to talk. Honestly, nobody knows what will happen?, when will it  happen? what is there or not there ? No Acord , no CAB so far so good.
Bizanddoo : Eigya , but we must stay alert for any eventuality; please look at Maharashtra –  party has come back to power with Pawar. The twin engine at the Headquarter does perform amazing things which are beyond the comprehension of conventional heads and minds.