Give tryst a chance

Bhogendra aribam
1.A GLIMPSE OF THE NE: Reminiscing good old days of late 1950s gives me a nostalgic feeling. All college teams from outside Guwahati arriving for the Inter College sports Festival we’re accommodated at Guwahati University campus , It was but more than a mirth organising swimming competition events at pukhri (pond) as there was no swimming pool in Guwahati. On off days, went to have a round of the city. Saw Fancy, Pan, Ujan&Paltan bazars and even gone ahead towards Ganeshguri- 6mile. At right hand side of the road, there was nothing except vast unending wetlands covered by thick water hyacinth. It was a frugal exercise as there were nothing much of our interest to spend for.
Now Guwahati! What a transformation Wah!! Development of basic infrastructures viz road and air connectivity, transportation,electricity, drinking water,health,hygiene and sanitation,education, residential complex with high rising towers etc are really tremendous. Comparatively Shillong ,no doubt was the best.Manipur’s deve lopmental index ,those days,amongst the best two.Now to our utter regrets,Manipur, in the comity of the NE states is at nadir. In education,Arunachal,Assam and Nagaland have gone ahead of Ma ipur. Our pace of development has been annoyingly at snail’s pace.It may be primarily because of lack of funds. Rightly a sound and healthy economy is the jugular vein for development.
APPREHENSION:I, being a diaspora,have been shadowed by apprehensive outlook of getting support from the stakeholders/ beneficiaries in this important movement.Not withstanding easier said than done , having decided to continue striving for a honest contrition ,with folded hands I urge to all to come putting their best foot forward and join me in slogging together for a better generation next . Slow and steady wins the race.I have no doubt if Miss Greta Thunberg,16 years old Swedish girl,could bring the whole world on to their knees in four to five months time ,there is no reason for us not to accomplish.Without any conflict of interest ,must put our heads together.Must work fearlessly to arrest the fast burjeoning epidemic of corruption , political prejudice and worst none performing attitude “ChaltaHai” “Kari bu Kanagadabano” .The Paramount importance is attitudinal realignment and inculcate scientific temper to every citizen. John F Kennedy said ,” Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try,” If you don’t try there will be no accomplishment.Remember easier said than done will only be applicable to those who don’t wish to try .
It is a known fact that a small group of people in government /private institution will normally not be able to deliver results to the entire satisfaction of the stakeholders and beneficiaries.Onus rest with the beneficiaries.We must be prepared to extend all possible help to the workers /executives.Once we attain the dynamic balanced equilibrium amongst the entire teams of stakeholders and the institutional work force , nothing can stop getting optimum satisfactory results.
ACTION PLAN : There is a need of a feisty and strong body of volunteers to organize and form NGOs /welfare association s in each assembly constituencies.The members should be acceptable and willing workers . The organizatios to ensure the following:
1. Each constituency of state assembly,it is desirable to have at least one NGO /welfare association headed by non political person.
2. Work to re-establish list trail blazing traits of development.
3. Keep in touch with government establishment on the works sanctioned and share supervision for quality assurance.
4. Ensure no political prejudice hinder progress of work .
5. Regular interaction with other NGOs /welfare associations functioning parallel /neighbouring constituencies.Appraisal of progress and hinderances to concern officials ,if necessary.
6.Dispense justice through act of probity and decency in all dealings be the corner Stone of the body.
7. Consultation with MP/MLA on local development works from their LAD fund allotted .
Lastly but not the least ,with kind courtesy of Sangai Express,my request for a slot on last Sundays of every month commencing on 24th November,2019 is being considered favourably.On this day ,intend to write my interactive article considering myriad nuances on various issues of Manipur .
Please remember : “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try .” John F Kennedy
The writer of this article Lt.Col.Aribam Bhogendra Sharma,an. Infantry Officer from The Assam Regt, was commissioned in1963 ,served in the following important appointment,viz Training Officer of the Regimental Centre,DAA and QMG at Infantry Brigade HQ ,Commanding Officer of Battalion, Administrative Commandant in big military cantt Secundrabad and AQMG in Command HQ .He is presently settled in the Tricities of Chandigarh. He can be reached at [email protected] or 9780121552