'Tampering, loss of items with India Post is a regular thing'


Our Correspondent
Bishnupur, Nov 29: The India Post, which is proud of being the world's largest, is quite far from delivering good services. Loss of items in between the many transits (postal offices/centres) is a regular thing, claimed an Assistant Teacher at Mangal Kids School in Bishnupur district today.
Mangal Kids School in Ningthoukhong receives clothes from Korea parcelled via India Post on occasions for the many orphans and below poverty line children of the school. However, the school on many occasions received less items, said Okram Jagat suspecting employees of the India Post of tampering with the parcelled boxes and siphoning off some items.
On occasions, the items the school received were found to be underweight and less than when they were sent. Today, the school received two parcels and both were found to be tampered with and less than the actual weight, he said.
The two parcels he received at the Ningthoukhong Post Office today were supposed to weigh 17.8 kg and 15.9 kg, but they were found tampered with and their weights 9.42 kg  and 12.81 kg respectively, he said.
Besides  filing a written complaint in October at the Imphal SP office, he had filed complaints numerous times at the  Ningthoukhong Post office in the past for similar incidents, Jagat said condemning the services of the India Post.
Such incidents of tampering with the parcels and siphoning off of items in between the transits are reasons for people losing trust in the service. Such pathetic service has deceived and betrayed many people, he said claiming that there has been no action till today to solve any of his complaints.
In 2012, he received pieces of papers in the parcel instead of the items he was sent, said Jagat urging authorities concerned to look into the matter and India Post to improve their services and gain trust of the people who use their service.