Need to silence the loud mouth; Crediting the Congress ?

From no harm to Manipur under CAB to special clause in CAB for Manipur comes the bomb shell-crediting Congress with the idea of CAB. It should be evident to all that the BJP, however much one may disagree with their stand, came out with the idea of CAB in the ‘claimed’ interests of the country and to credit the Congress with toying with this idea before the BJP came to power, is like giving credit to an arch rival. This is exactly what a member of the State BJP has done in laying the ‘blames’ square at the doorstep of the Congress. Tough to say how well this would have gone down with the leadership of the saffron party, but Chief Minister N Biren certainly has a task at hand to keep his men in reins or else whatever they say can only confuse the people further. If one goes by the position of the stated BJP member then the idea of CAB may be traced back to the days of the Mahatma, in fact in the last 67 years or so. This commentary is not a case of studying the genuineness of the claim of the spokesperson, but in trying to drag in the Congress, it may just boomerang, for it is like stating that the BJP has merely borrowed an idea from the Congress to grant citizenship to Hindus, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and others not belonging to the Islam faith who have suffered religious persecution in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. How well such a posture would go down with the leadership of the Sangh Parivar is a question worth raising  and it wouldn’t be surprising if this is used to the hilt by the Congress to score a point or two over the BJP when the time comes.
Another example of how one may end up shooting one’s foot, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like CAB and the cut throat world of politics. The politics, as understood in playing the blame game that has been thrown into the CAB, is interesting and adding to this interesting part is the fact that of the many CSOs invited by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Delhi on November 29 to discuss the said Bill, MANPAC has been conveniently looked over. Tough to understand why the Manipur based MANPAC has not been informed or invited for the Delhi meeting, but remember in the early part of this year, it was Manipur which was the epicentre of the protests against the CAB after it was passed in the Lok Sabha. It will certainly be interesting to see how MANPAC respond or react to the ‘snub’ by Delhi, but the coming days can certainly be stormy. Apart from CAB, there is the pending final pact with the NSCN (IM). Headline grabbing news to be sure, but not something which can be pleasant for the State and the people. A lot will depend on how the BJP led Government at Imphal respond to the situation when the Day comes and importantly too a lot more will also depend on how the people respond to the situation. With COCOMI at the receiving end over the boycott or not boycott Sangai Festival recently, one may expect the said organisation to come back with more purpose to galvanise the people. This is something which the State Government would have also foreseen.