Let me motivate you today

Every winning shouldn’t be a destination but a hotel for a short stay. The moment things get comfortable; it only says you are growing less. Learn to play cool and easy because you came with nothing and you will die with nothing. It’s good to be a responsible person but remember that you are not responsible for everything that’s happening around you, always keep in mind that life is too short to think it’s too long.
In a table of four legs, the wobbly leg is the one that’s given the importance mostly, and the strongest at the least. So, in life – your importance might sometimes be never appreciated but you don’t have to fail stuffs just to create attention hubs for proving your weight. Remember that a curry with right amount of salt gets the least acknowledgement for the salt until the proportion gets disturbed.
No matter how dark the washroom is, when nature calls you for emergency, the darkness is just a situation and no longer a problem that scares you. No matter how bright the sun is, you always have the choice to close your eyes to push the sun’s strength into the gutter, life was created without your choice to push you into the world of choices.
It’s not about waking up late that kills you but the probability of getting the opportunities by the late comers are always comparatively less compared to the first comers. But what matters the most is the exact time when you hit the target. In life, too much early can also be a point to lose people or goals.
I know it’s hard to trust people but also don’t give up on trusting people because, we grow when we trust people, we grow when we make new friends. Trust is the key to all the consents; any consents lead to nothing but addition of knowledge. Had I not trusted the chemistry teacher, passing class 12 through science will never be a possibility.
Do you know why the track of the F1 race are never just straight but a bunch of curves, because a true driver’s skill comes out only while turning through the curves. Isn’t that something similar to life, you know your strength only when you fall down. That’s why “huge come back stories” for life and “drifting at the corner” for F1 are the best parts of the game.
You are never too late until your feeling of wanting to try still lives in you. Every journey starts from a decision to try; every accomplishment comes from a decision to try. Failing or winning is not really much of a title but a personal acceptance.
It’s not just the big steps that marks your growth but the small steps and daily accomplishments that defines your attitude in long run. Those tiny motivations you receive every-day from small achievements will reward you with a winner’s mindset, which will keep you rejuvenated always to go for the next.
The only fear that you need to welcome in life is the fear of death, which will keep your mortality state into your conscious realm. That will make you understand the sentence, “Time is running out.” People who can follow this statement will be those against procrastination, and it will kill the fear of trying. Every story is unique and every life is beautiful but those who dares to never give up have the best-selling stories. Your name that you hate, your skin tone that you curse, your dress that you never loved wearing will one day go to the novel and auction that will inspire millions. Don’t waste your time trying to fit in when you have the capacity to create a trend or a brand. If you can sing - don’t just waste your time only listening to songs, if you can dance – don’t jail that talent for just 30 minutes morning exercise, if you can write – don’t just end it with your diary. The moment you feel you can, just do it, THAT’S THE BEST TIME TO START.
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