What a disgrace!

Kajal Chatterjee
When Bengal's Mohammad Afrazul was barbarically burnt to death in Rajasthan,  the Who's Who of Bengal BJP leaders ---  far from condemning the brutal murder or accusing Rajasthani society, then BJP-led Rajasthan Government, BJP-led Union Government or even the rabid Hindutva communal brigade inventing "Love Jihad"; instead shamelessly asked the question why would Bengalis go to Rajasthan! Also they had condemned Mamata Banerjee and TMC-led West Bengal government for "failing to provide jobs" to Bengalis in Bengal!
Leaders of the  party possessing such a  supremely ridiculous racist anti-Bengali mindset will again naturally pose a question why Bengalis venture to Kashmir and malign West Bengal government for its "failure in providing jobs" following the cold blooded murder of 5 Bengali labourers in Kashmir instead of condemning the terrorists and criticising the Narendra Modi and BJP-led Centre in control of Kashmir for its drastic failure in ensuring security to the vulnerable lot.
Firstly, Bengal BJP leaders need to be told sternly that since Bengal to Kerala to Rajasthan to Kashmir are all integral  parts of India and Bengalis are full fledged Indians in their own right, they hold full authority and national right to go to Rajasthan Kerala or Kashmir for the sake of livelihood.
Secondly, if people from all over India can flock to Bengal in droves to permanently settle here for jobs and business, then by which logic can temporary migration of Bengalis to Rajasthan or Kashmir draw so much contempt from the Bengali BJP leaders!
Thirdly, if the Bengal BJP leaders demand all Bengalis need to be ensured jobs within the boundary of West Bengal, then they should also demand full reservation for the Bengalis in Bengal jobs as well.
On the one hand all sorts of openings in Bengal right from Central to state Government to Railways to corporate to private sector to masonry would be kept wide open for the whole country with the outsiders bagging majority of the jobs, yet all Bengalis would have to be provided job in Bengal only and it would be a "sin" on part of them if they venture to other states!  What an atrocious demand and expectation from BJP leaders! Do they mean to say that Bengal would be open for all; but Bengalis cannot earn livelihood in other parts of the country and for this inequal stance if Bengalis get starved to death, so be it! What a staunch anti-Bengali party this BJP is!
Had any migrant or set of migrants been murdered in such a fashion in the soil of Bengal, then these very Bengali BJP leaders would have shouted from the roof top how "lawless" TMC-led Bengal is where "non-Bengalis are tortured and killed"!
Also would these leaders then have dared to ask why the migrants come into Bengal! It seems it has become a "fashion" of the BJP to always taunt and mock Bengal and Bengalis even when the community members get murdered by terrorists or rabid Hindutva brigade outside the state! Yet this very shameless brigade feel no hesitation in asking votes of Bengalis to capture power in Bengal! What a gem of hypocrisy! No self respecting Bengali would waste his or her precious vote in favour of this rabid anti-Bengali party.
At the end of the day the fact remains that right from the dawn of civilization, people all over the world migrate within the country and outside for better opportunities in education job or business! If all Indians can migrate to various states of the Union, if people from all over the country can migrate to Bengal, if Indians can venture to all parts of the world; then why the heaven would fall if Bengalis move to Rajasthan or Kashmir!
 When Gujaratis settle in Bombay, Marwaris and Biharis flock to Bengal, Malyalees rush to the Gulf, Punjabis go to Iraq or Canada,  Gujaratis fly to East Africa or UK or Tamils sail to Malaysia-Singapore --- it proves the "talent" "expertise" "adventurism" of the concerned communities; but when Bengalis migrate to Delhi Kerala Kashmir Rajasthan UK or USA, it proves how "laggard" Bengal is! What a specimen of blatant double standard!
Despite bombings and civil wars plaguing Iraq to Yemen to other Gulf states to Libya to even South Sudan; millions of people from India, specially Kerala and Punjab are venturing there to escape stark poverty back home!
Will the BJP leaders dare to ask their own Narendra Modi Government the reason why the Indians have to venture to those theatre of death and why the Union Government is failing to provide jobs to Indians in India! And they should remember that Bengal is not an independent country, rather it is a mere state of India with limited powers. So ensuring job opportunities in Bengal is not the responsibility of Bengal Government alone, rather BJP-led Union Government needs to bear more responsibility in providing jobs.
Else it would get proved that the only job of the Union Government of "New India" is to erect temples, giant statues, lofty flags, run Bullet trains for the rich and perform Mass Yoga on streets!
No condemnation is enough for the Bengali BJP leaders for their tactics to distract the attention from the Centre's blatant failure of protecting the Bengali labourers by atrociously accusing the Bengal government for "failing to provide jobs" and questioning why Bengalis go to Kashmir just like they said why Afrazuls go to Rajasthan!
Lastly, it needs to be asked why the innocent honest hardworking Bengali labourers had to pay with their lives in Kashmir along with other non-local truck drivers or traders from Punjab and elsewhere! Why are the non-Kashmiris being targeted suddenly! Is it a fall out of the unilateral abrogation of Article 370 without taking Kashmiris into confidence, division of the state and demotion to Union Territory! Questions should certainly be asked and if these are exactly the reasons behind such arson, then who would take the responsibility of such tragic deaths of the poor labourers!
Also it is amazing to notice the deadly silence all around despite this gory massacre! When the terrorists attacked the upscale Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi in September 2013 with many of  the victims being privileged Gujarati Hindus of Kenyan citizenship, many Who's Who of political arena of Gujarat and India raised such a hue and cry!
Now when poor Indian Bengali Muslims have been subjected to such a death by terrorists right in Indian soil, those very Who's Who of political world are maintaining stunned silence! Are the lives of Bengalis Muslims and poor so cheap in India! Had 5 Gujarati business honchos been massacred in such a fashion in Kashmir, we would have heard deluge of condemnation and threat of "surgical strikes" by now!
Hypocrisy to the power infinity!
The writer is based in Kolkata