Written assurance is still not tenable

Ten Commandments were written by God (not properly followed). After that He refused to give in writing, all messages were in oral form either through His trusted messengers or son. Even the Bhagwat Gita was not written it was a lecture before war (rather an oral crash course for Arjun from SriKrishna).
I don’t understand the difference between the oral assurance and written assurance. If the assurance is not fulfilled what can we do? Self-destruction or self-immolation, unthinkable! Best thing is to believe what had transpired. Assurance is an assurance. Before the advent of speaking or writing what would had been the form of assurance perhaps - gestures/body language.
However, considering the sentiments of the people at large a loud assurance in black and white may be accorded up to no. 5.
1. The territorial integrity of Manipur shall remain sacrosanct till eternity.
2. Nagas , Kukis, and Meiteis ( Pangans and Bamons included ) of Manipur must be allowed to live together forever (despite their unending love -hate relationship).
3. The age old emotional and historical ties between the hill and valley people shall be safeguarded in all times to come (despite everlasting squabbling).
4. The present political arrangement/setting of the State shall not be disturbed.
5. The outsiders will be allowed to stay in Manipur periodically but not permanently.
Gestural Assurance from Dili & Kangla will do for the following:
6. The 15,000-crore(approx.) financial deficit of the State may kindly be managed by Dili; or it may be completely waived.
7. The entire people of Manipur should be given an equal social status. Pre-Hinduism /Christianity/Islam egalitarian social order may be restored (Constitutionally).
8. The land ownership rights must be given to all the citizens of Manipur (in the valley as well as in the hills). Sell and purchase of land must be restricted amongst the ethnic groups within the State.
9. State must vigorously encourage matrimonial alliance between and amongst the ethnic communities of the State. Some leaders are personally taking interest; that is extremely encouraging; but it should be made wide-spread.
10. Our High judges may be called from outside because our ethnic judges become too nice or over friendly with the locals.
11. Recruitment work of MCS/MPS/MFS/SDC may be assigned to UPSC or some other agencies. MPSC employees may be given golden-handshake.
12. Corruption/ bribery may be legalized to a certain level otherwise the entire population will be in jail when a pure CBI conducts an honest enquiry.
13. Pucca ‘waakat sunglens’ must be constructed in every locality to give proper protection to our citizens from rain, sun, wind, cold etc. These are our most democratic institutions.
14. Responsibility should be fixed for giving away Kabaw valley free of cost. Can we get some compensation either from Dili or Rangoon?
15. Indo – Burma road must be made operational with proper emigration and foreign exchange system at the earliest for better transport & communication, trade & tourism and commerce & culture between the two countries.
16. Indian Rail network and Burmese rail system should be connected in no time so that the relation is strengthened and further extending to ASEAN countries. Act East should be made more active.
17. A clear-cut territorial demarcation between the neighboring States should be done at the earliest so to maintain tranquility and stability at the State borders.
18. For political stability in the smaller States like ours the Constitution must be re-amended accordingly so that at least 50% of the elected MLAs are allowed to become cabinet ministers; in our case it should be 30 Cabinet ministers out of the 60 elected MLAs; and plus, one Speaker. This is extremely necessary for political stability in tiny States. Without political stability development will remain a far cry.
Can we be so sure about written things? Today even our Governors are not sure about written supports while forming a new State Government; these days Governors insist on the presence of all the supporting MLAs that too with their original Aadhaar, voter-ID, Passport, Driving license, PAN card, Bank Passbook, Electric bill copy etc. before the enthronement.