The Early Winter’s Song

K Radhakumar
The overcrowded jail
(Jails are overcrowded these days)
Lets out a piercing shriek.
Patients are rushed to hospital
Patients of the diseased social order
The diseased world;
The hospital feels tired and weepy
And many people die there
People of the modern times.

At night I hear a low, sweet voice
And also smell the sweet air of the earth
Beneath my feet.

It is not for nothing
Not for nothing
I met a slender human form
Quite early in life
And established a sort of relationship;
I let my heart rule over my head
For some pregnant moments.
Then came the moment of parting:
Away went my slender human form
Carrying a virginal body
And a virginal heart.
The parting left me sadder and wiser.

For some moments
I remained motionless
Completely reborn
And I did not feel sorry.
Every day the world sings a new song,
Every day is a new day.
Three cheers for the love
Not consummated;
Hip, hip… hooray!
Beyond lies the clear blue sky –
It beckons.

A new order is emerging
From the old world
Shrouded in total chaos.
The pitch dark night emanates light
And a virginal beauty is born
With the first light of the dawn.
I have the pleasure of tasting
The fruit of two worlds.