The Vow

Preeti Loitongbam
Those vivid memories
I still remember
The monsoon rain
That unsettled umbrella
Under which our destinies
Were locked forever
The way our eyes met
The way the clouds sang
And the pouring rain
Dancing to its beats
The ways we felt
Was good, alright
Calmed by the assuredness
The moments that came,
Along with its hazy rhythm
The ways we smiled
Ear to ear
Without even uttering a wordSpoke a thousand volume
Of the days we longed,
The moments we dreaded,
Love that belonged to us
Ways we shaped it to be
Untouched by the worldly foes
Today we stand here
This beautiful place,
Brought by our hearts
This aisle looks so short today,
Our memories fills up this space,
Every step that i take
Feels like we have come
A long way
A journey that I would,
Go on and on
Forever with you
The story of us
Starts a new today
Blessings of our parents,
Love of our friends
Showers upon us
Cheering us on
As we start on this journey
My love, you have been
The king of my heart for so long....
Promises I got, and those I gave
I am locking it today
Till eternity
Till my last breath
To be by your side
To be your heartbeat
And you be mine
To be your stars and the moon
You be my sunshine
My rainbow
In the stormy sky
To walk hand in hand
To fly as high
To feel every heartbeat
Our journey to forever
Starts now