Tripura Min asks State Govt to collaborate in setting up guest house in Tripura


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 6 : Revenue & Fisheries Minister, Tripura Narendra Chandra Debbarma has appealed to the State Government to collaborate with the Government of Tripura and set up a guest house for Manipur at a probable location in Tripura.
The Minister is in Manipur to attend the Manipur International Textile Expo (MANITEX 2019) and he was accorded a warm  welcome by Umanglai Kanba Lup (UKAL) at Manipur Press Club today.
Speaking at the reception ceremony, Narendra Chandra Debbarma conveyed that Umang Lai Haraoba, which is one of the unique festivals of Manipur, is celebrated in Tripura as well.
He further maintained that the people of Tripura have been celebrating Laininthou Puthiba Haraoba in Abhoynagar city of Agartala.
Maintaining that the occasion has been added in the list of holidays for Tripura Government, the Minister added that the people there are trying to uphold the festival.
He continued that the plan to set up a guest house for Manipur is in the pipeline while urging the State Government to also take initiative in establishing the guest house together with the Government of Tripura.
He also underlined the need to provide proper accommodation  to the people of Manipur when they go to Tripura.
While applauding the display and exhibition of varieties of handloom and handicrafts at the MANITEX 2019, organised by Directorate of Handlooms and Textiles, GoM, he expressed   desire for the Tripura Government to also focus on handlooms and handicrafts.
Meanwhile, UKAL convenor Mutum Maniton said that the  people of Tripura, especially in Abhoynagar city, have been celebrating Laininthou Puthiba Haraoba for the past 15 years.
Maniton further stated that locals from over 200 Meitei villages in Tripura celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and  they often stay overnight at the site of the festival.
With the natives of Tripura slowly losing their identities, the Umang Lai  Haraoba festival set its footprint in Tripura to uphold and safeguard the Meiteis residing there, he said.
The celebration also reminds the Meiteis living in Tripura their culture, customs and values, he said while adding that the Revenue and Fisheries Minister of Tripura has been the torchbearer for Umang Lai Haraoba in Tripura.
Maniton further stated that the Government of Tripura has been providing possible funds in organising the festival there.
He lauded the Tripura Government for renaming one of the  Abhoynagar roads as Puthiba Devta Bari road and for extending all possible help including renovation of the Laibung and the temple, constructing toilet complex etc.
Maniton further informed that the next Lainingthou Puthiba Haraoba will begin from January 2, 2020.
He then appealed to the MLAs, Ministers and all concerned   to extend aid for successful celebration of the Lai Haraoba there and help the Meiteis residing in Tripura in maintaining and upholding the very culture and traditions of Meiteis.