ZU rebuts Kabui Union allegations

Zeliangrong Union Imphal Zone, responding to the allegations raised by Kabui Union Manipur (Kabui Kariumei Phom) through social media, has termed it unfortunate and baseless.
A press release issued by media cell, ZU Imphal Zone stated that Kabui Union Manipur was recognised in the Zeliangrong Union Assembly 2018 in Majorkhul and the union was affiliated as a Zeliangrong Frontal Organisation.
The ZU finds the allegation made by Kabui Union Manipur stating that Kabui community is not Zeliangrong as shocking and strongly condemnable, it remarked.
It further stated that the Kabui villages did not inform the ZU regarding the sit in protest/alert sit in protest over the present Naga peace talk.
It clarified that the ZU did not stop the Kabui villages from staging sit in protest and that it did not threaten any of the villages as well.
ZU further claimed that all the allegations are false and baseless and added that it does not have any hard feelings against organising alert sit in protests.
It warned that Kabui Union Manipur should bear all the responsibilities of an unwanted incidents following the matter. ZU also appealed to the media not to publish news which does not have evidence.