COCOMI spells out rider for talks with GoI


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 6 : COCOMI has categorically stated that it will not consult with the Central Government under any circumstances if it (GoI) does not disclose/reveal any of the agendas for consultation on the Naga peace talk.
The Committee also declared that it will first consult the agendas with the public and take feedbacks, comments and suggestions from the people, before consulting the Centre.
Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of a public alert protest which was organized at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai community hall by Transporters and Drivers' Council (TDC)  under the aegis of COCOMI today, the committee's assistant coordinator (media-in-charge) Jeetendra Ningomba stated that COCOMI will not approach the GoI for consultation as it has already conveyed the Centre about the aspirations and apprehensions of the people.
However, COCOMI might consult the Centre if it invites them by detailing the agendas for consultation, Jeetendra added.
Saying that knowing and understanding the agendas are mandatory before the CSOs of the State hold talks with the Centre on the issue, Jeetendra asserted that it is vital for the CSOs to convey the same agendas if the Centre invites stakeholders of the State for consultation.
COCOMI will seek advice and suggestions from the people, most importantly the intellectuals, to highlight the same to the Central Government when the time comes, he added.
On the other hand, Transporters and Drivers Council (TDC) has threatened to cease every form of transport service, including goods transportation in the State, if the Central Government continues to sideline the sentiments of the people and especially, if it harms the State’s interest in any manner.
The council's vice president Khwairakpam Ibotombi  demanded the Central Government to refrain from creating any kind of situation which will disturb the peace and tranquillity in the State and warned that TDC will not accept any solution which harm the State’s interest in any manner.
Stating that Manipur is home to around 40 different communities, Ibotombi maintained that the Central Government should know this fact and added that the solution for the settlement of the Naga peace talk should not be based on ethnic line and instead, must be acceptable to all the communities.
If the contents of the Framework Agreement or the Naga Peace Accord are harmful to the State, the Centre must remove them immediately, he demanded.
If the Centre does not pay heed to the demands of the people, transporters and drivers in the State will resort to various forms of protest, including a halt of every form transport services in the State. If the situation calls, the transporters and drivers will even sacrifice their lives for the sake of the State, the vice president added.
He also demanded the State Government to take the prime  role in pressuring the Government of India to heed the sentiments of the people.
During the sit-in-protest, which was participated by many members of different transporter and driver unions, the protesters held placards with slogans like “We condemn the refraining of legislators from taking any concrete resolution to defend the State from negative impact of Naga settlement by convening Special Assembly Session” “Long Live Manipur” and “No solution on ethnic line is acceptable” etc.