Alert protests continue across Bpr, Kak, Tbl


Our Correspondents
Bpr/Kak/Tbl, Nov 8: A number of alert sit in protests have been staged across Bishnupur district since yesterday.
Continuing the agitation under the aegis of COCOMI, clubs, organisations, Meira Paibi Lup, Nupi Lup in association with KEMKAL, MAMPIL and led by Joint Committee on Manipur Integrity Moirang Sub Division and Nupi Khunai Chaokhat Khongthang Lup Phougakchao Ikhai and Phougakchao Ikhai Mamang Leikai Meira Paibi Lup staged an alert sit in protest in front of Phougakchao Ikhai community hall by blocking half the road today.
The protesters then formed human chain along Tiddim road and shouted many slogans, reports our correspondent.
On the other hand, Apunba Meira Paibi Lup Khudekpi along with womenfolk, clubs and locals staged another alert sit in protest and shouted slogans against impact on State's integrity by forming human chain, at Khudekpi.
In Moirang Okshongbung, Okshongbung Leikai Meira Paibi Lup organised similar protest demonstration in which a large number of womenfolk, club & organisation members came out in the streets and raised slogans.
Speaking to our correspondent, one of the protesters has asked why the MLAs, MPs and other authorities concerned have remained mum when the situation is unpredictable.
She demanded the central leaders to disclose the final conclusion which GoI and NSCN-IM have brought at the earliest.
Another alert sit in protest was also staged at Irengbam Kangjeibung by Irengbam Nupi Lup. Meanwhile, students and teachers of Bishnupur Public School blocked half the Tiddim road along NH 150 and shouted the common demand against any harm on the integrity of the State.
Kakyai Makha Nupi Apunba Lup under Nambol AC also staged a similar protest demonstration and raised similar slogans.
AMUCO general secretary as well as COCOMI member L Thoithoi has conveyed that the series of protests is to safeguard the integrity of the State with people from all communities standing their ground together.
Kakching: Students from various schools in Kakching formed human chain in front of their schools raising slogans that the final solution of the Indo-Naga peace talk cannot have any impact on the territorial integrity of Manipur, including the administrative, socio-economy and cultural set up.
Students of Kakching Public School, PR English School Kakching, MMS Genius Academy, JRD Pathseekers Academy, Victory High School, Grace Cottage Academy, Kakching Model High School and Kakching Higher Secondary School took in the protest demonstration jointly organized by JNGVO, Kakching and AKSU Kakching under the aegis of COCOMI.
During the protest demonstration, various slogans like territorial integrity of Manipur cannot be compromised, Chingmi-Tammi are one, Long Live Manipur etc were shouted by the students.
Thoubal: Meanwhile, Ningol Club Heirok in association with Ingourok Apunba Meira Paibi Ema Lup jointly organised a torch rally raising slogans that the peace talks between NSCN-IM and GOI cannot compromise the territorial integrity of Manipur under the banner of COCOMI.
Scores of people took part in the rally which started from Ingourok to Nongpoksekmai Bazaar during the protestors raised slogans for the territorial integrity of Manipur, denounced the divisive policy of GoI, demand for the publication of the content of Framework Agreement and shouted Long Live Manipur.