MANPAC decries Amit Shah’s 'sectarian' invitation


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 30: The MANPAC has denounced Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s invitation to represen-tatives of six North East States excluding Manipur for talks on Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) as sectarian and an attempt to sow discord within North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP).
Speaking to media persons at the Kwakeithel office of AIMS this evening, MANPAC convenor Yum-namcha Dillipkumar point- ed out that protest movements have been raging throughout the North East region under the auspices of NEFIP against CAB which is most likely to be introduced and passed during the ongoing winter session of Parliament.
However, Union Home Minister Amit Shah left out Manipur while inviting representatives of six North- eastern States for a consultative meeting on CAB. The selective invitation only exposed the sectarian attitude of the Government of India and it is an insult to the people of Manipur, Dillip-kumar said.
Pointing out that NEFIP was set up at the initiative of MANPAC, he accused the Union Minister of trying to create discord within NEFIP by leaving out Manipur from his invitation to the North East States for a consultative meeting on CAB.
During a meeting held yesterday with Amit Shah in the chair, the Union Home Minister reportedly stated that CAB would not affect States where ILPS or 6th Schedule is in force. This statement has created more confusion among the masses, he remarked.
ILPS is in force in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizo-ram and Nagaland while 6th Schedule is enforced in some parts of Assam. 
Although entry of outsiders is regulated in States where ILPS or 6th Schedule is in force, it is not clear whether CAB would grant Indian citizenship to foreigners/outsiders who have already settled in these States, Dillipkumar said.
He then questioned if the Government of India would make any arrangement for Manipur which has no mechanism or law to protect its indigenous people.
MANPAC will always oppose CAB. Even if the Bill is passed in the Parliament, MANPAC will con- tinue to fight against it in Court and it would seek international support, said the convenor.
Because CAB will spell doom for all indigenous communities of the State including those who are running the State Government. It’s not the time to propagate false propaganda just to win favour of the Central Government, he asserted.
He went on to question the inability of Chief Minister N Biren to speak and act against CAB while his counterparts of Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh have been boldly opposing the Bill in the interest of their respective States.
It’s already late for all sections of people including ruling and opposing parties and CSOs to launch mass protest movements against CAB, he said.
Though late, the Chief Minister has fixed a meeting on CAB at 3.30 pm tomorrow. As such, a team of MANPAC has completed necessary preparation for the meeting. Nonetheless, MANPAC would hold another meeting on what position they should take ahead of the scheduled meeting with the Chief Minister, Dillipkumar said.
A joint meeting of all 88 constituent organisations of MANPAC would be held at the Kwakeithel office of AMUCO at 10 am tomorrow, he said.  He then appealed to all the leaders of the 88 constituent organisations of MANPAC to attend the meeting.