NESO cautions Amit Shah on CAB

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 30: The North East Students' Orga-nisation (NESO) has strongly cautioned Union Home Minister Amit Shah against attempting to implement Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the North East region.
According to general secretary of NESO (which was one of the organisation to take part in the consultative meeting with Amit Shah in Delhi concerning CAB), Sinam Prakash, the student organisation made it clear to the Union Home Minister that it always opposes the Bill ever since it was introduced in 2016.
NESO highlighted the fact that the population of the indigenous people residing in the NE region is already quite small and that in some places, the indigenous population have already been reduced to a minority by outsiders.
Over and above this issue, there is also the concern of rapid influx of  illegal migrants into Assam and Manipur, which NESO explained to Amit Shah, he said adding that NESO warned against trying to tempt and suppress any voice of discontent from the concerned States by assuring to provide certain benefits/arrangements.
The student organisation demanded Amit Shah to view the North East as one region, he added.
On the other hand, Sinam Prakash conveyed that the Union Home Minister explained that CAB will not cover the areas where ILPS and 6th Schedule are already present but it is being deliberated as to what can be done and what arrangements can be made for some parts of Assam and the valley of Manipur.
He continued that at that time, NESO questioned as to why the CSOs of Mani-pur were not invited for the meet but the Union Home Minister replied that the Centre has already met with valley CSOs about 4-5 days back.
Amit Shah claimed that valley CSOs were the first to meet him, Prakash said and continued that NESO explained that if the CSO was the COCOMI team, then it was for a completely different issue.
The Union Home Minister later assured that if it was indeed the case, then necessary arrangements will be made to invite the CSOs concerned for consultation, he added.