This is what I see in Love

Never have I ever believed in that unconditional level of love. ‘Willingness’ always based the “WHY,” for why are you willing to love that person. Finding every reason to love or finding every reason to not hate, is what ‘willingness’ stands for. Loving with no condition is the voice of the voiceless music. Willingness is when you still hum even after you forget the lyrics. Here I don’t stand against ‘Mother’s love,’ and I quote, “Mother’s love is the only one next to the unconditional love,” because she conditioned herself to love you no matter what. Clearly flashed in the last line, “loving no matter what” itself is the biggest condition.
The premature stage of love, “Infatuation,” that’s what people say. But my vision stands aside from the rest, for I feel and here I throw, “Infatuation is the purest form of love.” Let me both quantify and qualify this, what happens when someone is in that stage? It will make more sense now if you ever have experienced. You will go crazy for the person, finding every single reason. That person’s anger, beauty, smile, looks, dress and to the extent, even the things he/she touches. And people say that’s ‘infatuation,’ ‘the premature one,’ but I will hereby stand high to protest with a NO flag, for love is nothing that’s even next to giving no reason to love but all about finding every reason to love.
I will be drowning in the ocean of “nonsense” if I ever agree that those couples who are or were married for the longest speaks nothing but the victory in love. Never will I put a ‘full-stop’ to this but stand proud what a ‘comma’ because sometimes we are conditioned to live with those which was the result of one weak decision. It may last for a minute, a second, a year or an entire life but what’s important is the number of moments you truly lived, most importantly willing to live. Sometimes we hang on to live but at times we also need to leave to live.
Breaking up with the person you are not willing to live with is never a breaking story but a chance to fly high. Love with willingness is five-star hotel and love without willingness is a five-star jail. Over a thousand, I have heard about finding love, this is the worst mistake, unknowingly your heart turns into an industry and you start hiring for your company. And you already start preconditioning stuffs for how he/she should be which will be a reason to blame when both goes through the tough times. It’s not about finding love but creating one, creating the willing without judging.
If you water your infatuation with trust, it will grow into the divinity, it will spread into an epic and settle as a mountain. Love is all about playing the game of balancing, playing how to balance the ‘why should’ and ‘why shouldn’t.’ If you can create the impulse in making the inequality over the ‘why shouldn’t,’ that’s when you outshine all the near break-up fights.
Never try looking for a perfect relationship for that’s the last mistake you can ever commit. All relationships are imperfect, just because you see a couple smiling in a photo - never will that stand love-love, you never know what’s behind. It’s not about finding how less imperfect your relationship but finding every hole to fix, not counting them.
Every relationship without willingness is fragile, every story without longings are short stories, every road without directions are endless, every word that means many are meaningful, every person who dares are unstoppable, every trier are inventors, every breaker are discoverers, every homeless feels the whole world is his home, every writer like me thinks putting poetic lines are meaningful, but at the end, love is not an accident but a planned incident with willingness. If you want a good relationship, accept that your relationship is not an exception in this imperfect world.
The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada. Subscribe to his YouTube channel ‘Live With Bir’ to watch motivational. He can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal.