MU : Nowhere in top 100 or 200; Lowly place of 246

This is something far removed from the current burning issue in the region, which has taken a pan India nature. This is not about the Citizenship Law but is about the state of higher education or to be more specific about where Manipur University stands in the ranking list of universities in the country. Figures or rankings may not exactly reflect the standing of a university, but significant to note that Chief Minister N Biren Singh has underlined the need to minutely examine why Manipur University does not figure in the top 100 list of universities in the country. To be more accurate, Manipur University is not only not in the top 100 but it is also not there anywhere in the top 200 list of universities across the country. More precisely the ranking of Manipur University as laid down by the authorised body is an abysmal 246 and to think that Manipur University is one amongst the 50 Central Universities in the country should underline the point where it actually stands. Not that Manipur University has been amongst the top varsities in the country in the past, but the worrying point is, there is nothing to suggest that it has improved in the years. The rank of 246 is about 2019, the list of which was recently issued but back even in 2018 its rank was no better. In contrast to the poor ranking of 246 of Manipur University, the North Eastern Hill University based at Shillong has occupied the healthy position of 90th rank while Tezpur University is right there at the top at the 48th position. Granted rankings may not give a complete picture of the quality of a university, but it does have some substance and this is the point that the Chief Minister sought to convey while addressing the  Vijay Diwas function at the Banquet Hall of 1st MR on December 16.
The rankings of universities and educational institutions may have been arrived at by using certain criterion but to the lay man it would certainly boil down to the question of how a university or a college or a school is perceived by the people. And people’s perception is based on observing certain points such as what its reputation is, on how its students conduct themselves academically and otherwise, its reputation in the eyes of the public and reputation is something which is earned over a period of time. Since its establishment in 1980, what are the attributes that one generally associates with Manipur University ? Has it been able to attract the best students, not only from Manipur but also from the region ? How many teachers of Manipur University actually let their children study in the university itself ? How many of the top scorers after their graduation actually line up for Manipur University ? These are questions and this is where perception or how people perceive the university becomes relevant. Other than this, one may also ask whether MU sticks to the teacher-student ratio as advised by the University Grants Commission ? What is the profile of the students ? Is it diversified, meaning has MU been able to attract students from other States in healthy numbers or do all the students come from the same or similar social background ? What about its alumni association ? Has it been registered ? These are questions which must be looked into even as Chief Minister N Biren has urged all to closely examine why MU is way down in the National rankings.