Ministers & matrimonial alliances

Many are envious of our leaders for having more than one spouse. Some are having as many as 3/4. I am not jealous of them but certainly I appreciate them considering and fathoming their management skills. For the last few days I have been seriously thinking about the significance of this crucial issue  because I am really bored with national NRC, which is still an unborn child ( though some are trying to terminate it from the matrix without knowing whether it is really impregnated or not) and also with CAA which is already legitimately born and now taken care of by the Federal court.  Meanwhile Political Parties are indulging in politics – that is absolutely fine in a vibrant democracy – but the worry is about the violence, destruction and dead.
A wise man might be testing the water on NRC. Inadvertently 10 CMs responded expressing their reluctance. Parivar people are also saying that having children in quick succession is injurious to health. Proper family planning is required for healthy deliveries of babies.
NRC in Assam has produced a bewildering result. Earlier they said it was 40 lacs; now they are saying it is only 19 lacs. These people are already in Assam having food, shelter, jobs, wives, children – with doubtful voter ID or Aadhaar or Ration card or Pan card or driving license. This number will come down drastically if a re-screening is conducted. Suppose finally a few lacs have been identified as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh or East Pakistan. They will go back to Bangladesh. A few days back Bangladesh Prime Minister said that they are willing to receive back all Bangladeshis. Then our problem is solved.
We were thinking that the identified immigrants will be shared by all the States ; prosperous States like Gujarat will take more; poor states like Manipur would not be able to afford  any; forget about immigrants we are insulating ourselves from migrants via Inner-line-permit system which was gracefully granted by Shahji at the last moment.
Sorry, I have deviated from the main issue. We are talking about Ministers or MLAs and their better-halves. Honestly, they were not at fault; it happens like that- power attracts more people. Moreover, leaders are compelled to do so because of their enormous social and political exigencies. One young leader confesses that he alone can’t virtually attain 40 social engagements like marriages/ dead anniversaries etc. in a day.  Outsourcing is the only way out. If the leader does not turn up in such ceremonies people are really annoyed; if his/her spouse attends the ceremony people are at least calmed down. Even a leader’s spouse can cover not more than 5/6 places. In fact, leaders need more man-power (woman- power) to do the needful. Suppose the leader covers 15 ceremonies out of 40, the remaining 25 may be covered by the better-halves. Actually, leaders are having more spouses not because of fashion or competition or luxury – it is purely need based.
Most of the invitations are from the constituency-people or from relatives or close friends. Minister/MLA can’t simply ignore any of them. Their political future is linked with these people. If leaders don’t respond or attend their functions, they will not support him/her in the next election. It is a very tricky situation. Only those in public life will understand the real situation. They can’t simply escape from these rituals/ceremonies because their political career is very much attached to these social obligations.
Another very important aspect relating with the matrimonial alliance of our leaders is its bonding with the unity and integrity of the people (State). For maintaining a good relation between the hills and valley marriages between the hill-dwellers and valley-people are really needed. These can bring about a harmonious relationship between the two. It will be extremely prudent that a valley girl is getting married with a hill leader. And likewise, if a valley leader marries a person from the hills will certainly improve the relation. Fortunately, in the last few years such matrimonial alliances are happily happening. It is a great thing.
Marriages across the ethnic lines is also taking place. This is the most wonderful thing to come off in the State. Our Ministers and MLAs are taking the lead. Such alliances strengthen the love and unity among the people. All our youngsters must follow suit (elderly people can also do the same if they still have the capacity). Even our government employees must follow the foot steps of our leaders in the larger interest of the State.
The legality or illegality of a marriage is not so important in our society as long as social sanction is guaranteed.  Bigamy/polygamy laws will come into play in the absence of social legitimacy and acceptance. Once the marriage has got the  social sanction, legal action is hardly taken even in matters of bigamy or polygamy.
Our customary practices are still strong and vibrant. 
Believe me our matrimonial alliances across ethnic lines will save the unity and integrity of the people and of the State.  Such marriages will also bridge the psychological and emotional barriers among the people. Let’s have more and more.