IJU dercries attacks on scribes

NEW DELHI, Dec 21: The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) has strongly condem-ned the rising attacks on journalists who are covering the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests.
A statement issued by the IJU today said that scores of journalists in Del-hi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kashmir, among others, have been deliberately targeted and stopped from reporting the incidents.
These acts are attack on freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed under the Constitution, it explained, demanding the State Governments concerned to respect the fourth estate and direct their law enforcing agencies to desist from such brutalities.
It conveyed that deliberate targeting of journalists covering the anti-CAA protests is unacceptable in any democratic society and labelled it an attack, not only upon the freedom of press, but also on the rights to free speech and expression.
Demanding the State Governments to direct their police departments to refrain from targeting or harassing the media, IJU further demanded the State Governments to take appropriate actions against the police personnel who have and continue to target journalists.