65.4% want NRC across country

New Delhi, Dec 22
About 65.4 per cent of the people across the country and 76.9 per cent of the people in Assam want the National Register of Citizens to be implemented across India while 66 per cent of the Muslim community opposes the idea, according to an IANS-CVoter survey. The snap poll was carried out on over 3,000 citizens across the country between December 17 and 19 with booster sample of over 500 people each in Assam, the North East and Muslim community collected during the same period.
As per the survey, 65.4 per cent people across the country want the implementation of the NRC across the country, 28.3 per cent people opposed the measure, while 6.3 per cent people did not want to comment on the issue and or said that they don't know about it.
However, among the Muslims, 66.2 per cent people did not want the NRC to be implemented across the country while 28.5 per cent of them favoured the idea. Among Hindus, 72.1 per cent favoured the idea while 21.3 per cent opposed it.
The report also showed that in east, west, north and south India, 65.9, 67.5, 73.8 and 52.1 per cent people wanted the NRC to be implemented across the country while 31.4 per cent in east, 22.1 per cent in west, 20.1 per cent in north and 40.6 per cent in south India did not want the NRC to be implemented.
In the North Eastern States, 73.4 per cent people favoured the idea of implementing the NRC countrywide while 22 per cent opposed the idea. In Assam - where a Supreme Court-monitored NRC exercise has already been conducted, 76.9 per cent people were in favour of its implementation, while 16.5 per cent were against it.
To another question why people think that Bangladeshi minority immigrants want to live in India, 61.4 per cent people across the country felt that India has "better economic opportunities" and 23.8 per cent thought they wanted to live in India as "they were perscuted" there. 14.8 per cent declined to comment or said that they had no idea. Times Now