Editors Guild slam

NEW DELHI, Dec 23 : The Editors Guild of India on Monday lashed out at the police forces for allegedly committing "violence and brutality" against journalists covering the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests, particularly in States like Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.
Several journalists were detained in both Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka while they were covering the protests against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act. This included Omar Rashid, a correspondent for The Hindu newspaper who was detained in Lucknow.
"The Guild reminds the police forces across the country that journalists are present at different venues, where protests are taking place, as part of their Constitutionally guaranteed duties of gathering information and disseminating it among the people of through their respective media platforms. Using force of physical violence against journalist on duty throttles the very voice of democracy and media freedom," it said in a statement released today.
The Guild urged the Home Ministry to direct the police to offer adequate protection to journalists covering the protests.
"Instead of targeting them for physical attack, the need of the hour is to ensure proper and responsible coverage, a goal that cannot be achieved by such acts of violence and brutality against journalists on duty," the statement added.
Times of India