War against the English language

Recently I have been getting into comments where people are very ignorant with the medium they use since the first day of school just to prove that they have a waving flag of respect for their mother tongue.
I opened my world in a cosmos where people throw English to Roast those who speaks English. Always been the victim since this race opened, have had hundreds mailing me to not speak English for it questions my patriotism that curtained the love for my birth tongue. 
Just for adding my interest in speaking English, people defined me as the father of “Wannabes.” Funnier it gets when people start targeting your ways of deliberation. How does speaking English negotiates with my love for speaking Manipuri? Let me take this off my chest, English is not a language in our society but a level. But a very conditional and situational level for it structures to any forms for discomforting your delivery. Keeping it clear on the table, right from the morning of my education, we grew up being the lucky ones to get into the private English school. 
Man! The race was tough, the race was just the hunger for wrapping up with English. Right from the opening, we were told not to speak any word of Manipuri, if heard speaking then we were monetarily penalized. To break it apart, they are legally killing our Mother-tongue in the brought day-light. Even the over-smart class captains were brainwashed by overpowering them to write down the names of his friends who speaks Manipuri. But the entire situation flipped upon reaching class 10, the weirdness and shyness erupts when you enter this airfield. Grew up getting trashed for not speaking English, and then fall in the world where people who are trapped in speaking English was made fun of.
English is required in spreading our language, try bringing an end to the culture of making fun of others. And I know there are a lot who loves to share things internationally but stopped due to this fear, the fear of getting trolled gets in to our skin. 
How good or bad you are in anything, you will be made fun of. Stop thinking about what people might say. Now let me take you to the motivational side of this.  
This life, it’s not a gift but a responsibility, a chance, an opportunity to leave a stone for your existence, a story to be remembered and a spark that will inspire millions. Your goal is to change passion to profession not passion to pension, talent to terrace not talent to tension, hobby to hope not hobby to ‘dhobi.’ Always try finding a space in this world, with this I don’t mean buying or owning a lot of property and land, all that I am projecting here is to push a space for you in everyone’s heart, that’s the only way to live forever and the only way to find a space there, is to love what you have in your heart. 
Dreams are friendly enemies, if you don’t listen to him, he will hunt you down with depression till the end of your life.
Do you know why you are not happy? Because you have a dream but never wanna admit that it is something possible, that’s why it keeps hurting you. There are only two things in life that you cannot control, where you are born and where you will die. Leaving this two, everything covers under your control, this creation is all under your choices. But 99% of the beings are living just to survive. There are people who works to not go down and some works to grow, if growth is what you seek in life then the second should be the right one for you. Take life as a vacation, for in vacation you look forward in doing only what you want by cuddling yourself with a mixture of risk and enjoyment. 
To be the strongest man, you need not control the world but control your mind with your heart completely. The calm curtains can even block bullets which the walls can’t, life is not always about how strong you are but how well you can respond. 
Never cry for what you don’t have, and don’t waste time trying to have what you don’t have, instead invest your time in upgrading what you have. Time is the cheapest thing available, but only the valuable people owns it. Winners are not only those who stands on top but also the ones who had fallen 10 times and still look forward for his 11th trial. You can’t fail until you want to, you won’t fail until you stop trying, you will never smile until you love yourself. 
You came this far, not to come just this far. You started, not to see what happens but to make it happen. You believed, not to hunt for luck but to lock down your goal. You felt down, not to stop but to gain more. Never stop in life, you can slow down but never stop. If you think you can do it – then it’s possible, if you think you can’t do it – it’s also possible, so you better choose the first. Do what you love to rule not love what you do to get ruled. 
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @live with bir.)