From 2012 to 2019 no change Hang the perverts !

From 2012 to 2019. From a Physiotherapy intern, Nirbhaya to a Veterinary doctor. From Delhi to Hyderabad-North to South. The common thread running through these two stories is the brutality of it all and clearly reflects the Indian male mindset. Ravaged, raped and then killed. To add to the gore, it is not still not very clear when the Hyderabad Vet doctor was burnt-after she was killed or whether she was burnt while still alive ! This was what happened on October 28. Suddenly the F word is no longer untouchable with many respectable individuals freely using the F word in its full form to come out heavily against the typical mindset of the Indian male and to assert  that women should not be viewed as F Toys. To be fair to the men, many of the posts were written and posted by men but should India remain satisfied with the verbal outbursts of the conscientious few ? The answer should be obvious to all. That the Hyderabad incident should come even as the parents of Nirbhaya have been asking for a quick execution of those who have been convicted by the Court, should tell a story of how deep the malaise runs. What is appalling is also the fact that the unfortunate Vet doctor, before she was ravaged, raped and killed had called up her sister to say how scared she was. Some quarters have raised the question of why she did not dial the police instead, thereby raising another male centric poser. Here is a woman, who was scared and out on the street with a flat tyre, and expecting her to have the presence of mind to first call the police is missing the woods for the trees. Wonder how those who have raised this poser would have reacted if their daughter had faced the same situation who happens to be a woman of a vulnerable age !
Laws may be passed, outlining the severest form of punishment of those who rape and kill, but it is the mindset that has to change. Somewhere, something is disturbingly wrong, very wrong. No wonder the birth of a son is much more welcome in any Indian family than the birth of a daughter. The culture of dowry too has to go for this in a way means that daughters are burdens for the parents and to find a husband for her would entail ‘bribing’ the groom’s family via dowry so that they can welcome their daughter-in-law. No wonder the sex-ratio is so skewed in some States of the country. Eve teasing is another example that comes to mind, and the mindset that ‘boys will be boys’ to condone eve teasing can certainly go a long way in  ‘encouraging‘ them to upgrade themselves to ‘men will men’ and upgrade from ‘eve teasing to rape’. It is sick and  perverted. A positive development that has come is the report that the district bar association in Telengana has decided not to represent the four accused in the rape and murder case of the young Veterinary doctor. Let the country unite and let this be a lesson to all mothers and fathers of this country to educate their children that women are not objects. The lessons should start from the homes and let no political party shield their men under ‘politically motivated’ sham when the rape slur is raised against by any woman against any of their members. India wake up.