Paving the path of a new India: Modi Government 2.0

Pratap Chandra Sarangi
Under the able and visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  the Government is  continuing to script   glorious success stories to build a new India, which is   inclusive and progressive, bold and confident and above all determined and focused to lead the countrymen  on the path of resurgence.  After years of inertia and sluggishness during Congress rule, the country has been experiencing a great new momentum in rediscovering its own destiny.  Youth are upbeat with new vigour and enthusiasm; women and other poor and vulnerable sections are leading a life of dignity and honour; minorities are feeling reassured of their rights and privileges; the professionals and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits of an expanding economy and above all the common man is living with pride and optimism. “SabkaSaath, SabkaVikash and SabkaVishwas” philosophy of the Government has been at the core of this astounding success story.
The strong edifice for building this new India could be possible only with a resurgent economy. Though the economy is showing signs of temporary slow down due to cyclical effects but certainly  it has the innate capacity to recover and rebound. Today, India continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world - well on its path to become US Dollar five  trillion economy by 2024 as envisioned by Prime Minister.   The Government is committed to build a beautiful architecture of a new resurgent economy with   congenial enabling ecosystem in place.
The World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report now places India at 63 among 190 countries which is almost a quantum leap of 67 ranks in the last three years.  This is the highest jump in the ranks by any country since 2011. It has also acknowledged the steady progress of India by placing it in the top ten improvers for third time in a row. The Government has been focusing  to ensure that the high trajectory is maintained in tax   revenue through and through.   Export orientation and import substitution with focus on employment growth is at the core of the Government’s focus. The Government has launched a new Export Credit Insurance Scheme  called “NIRVIK” for exporters. All these bear testimony to the fact that the economy is on a firm path to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the people.
The Government is well aware that new entrepreneurs are the main harbinger of economic prosperity in any country. The initiatives taken by the  Government to boost the start-ups has shown 21,778 start-ups being recognised under the Start-up India initiative scheme.    The efforts of the Government to protect the interest of domestic producers and encourage manufacturing at home   have been unparalleled. So much so that the Government led by the Prime Minister successfully laid out India’s stand in Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) as the country’s key concerns remained unaddressed.
 The Government has also been focussing  on the MSME sector which is the backbone of any economy. A number of handholding support given to the MSMEs through provisioning of access to credit and market has got salutary impact on the growth of MSME sector. Ensuring sanctioning of bank credit within 59 minutes to MSMEs and GST refunds within 60 days from the date of application has been truly revolutionary.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes in a holistic growth. Our special focus has always been on the farmer’s welfare and growth. Doubling farmers’ income has been the renewed focus of the Government, for which higher Minimum Support Price has been fixed besides other comprehensive measures being taken in Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying sector.
In the social sector, the  abolition of   ‘TrippleTalaq’  practice was a major step towards the welfare and empowerment of Muslim women. Rising above the vote-bank politics, the Government has decided to take this progressive measure.
The Government has never shied away from  taking any step for maintaining  the unity and integrity of the country. By doing away with the special provisions under Articles 370 and 35 A in respect of Jammu and Kashmir, the Government sought to address the protracted issue of terrorism and violence in the Jammu and  Kashmir, while ensuring the long-term development.
 Guided by the  Prime Minister, the Government has created a new ‘Jal Shakti’  Ministry which has been formed to comprehensively address the water issues. River interlinking and cleaning has also been given added priority and focus.
The growth story of India has been duly acknowledged and recognised by the global community. The world looks up to Narendra Modi as a global leader of great standing.    Such is the aura and mesmerising grace of   the Prime Minister that the people  are fortunate enough to bask in his reflected glory and  the country is in the best of hands, fully assured of reaching the zenith of prosperity in the coming years. 
The author is Union  Minister of State Micro Small Medium Enterprise