Reminiscence of assignment and recognitions for a legendary aerobiologist of NE India after getting pension

-Dr N Irabanta Singh
Contd from previous issue
On 19th June, 2017 Shri. T.N. Mannen, IAS (Rtd), Chancellor, the Global Open University, Nagaland, Dimapur released writer second edited book “Microbial Resources of Indo-Myanmar (Burma) Hot spot Region – Conservation & Sustainable Development with special reference to North East India” published by M/S Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun in the presence of large gathering at the Hotel Management and Catering Technology Department, the Global Open University, Nagaland, Dimapur. It was followed by a light refreshment. The 20th June, 2017 issue of The Nagaland Postand The Morning Express published media coverage of the book released function.
On 24th June, 2017 the writer left Dimapur (7.00amP for Imphal with allotted car by hiring a driver and reached Imphal by 2.00 pm. On 2nd July 2017, (Sunday) we again left Imphal for Dimapur by hiring a driver. On 3rd July 2017, the writer attended duty and informed Registrar/Director, the Global Open University, Nagaland about his willingness to resign from the post of Controller of Examinations. On 4th July, 2017 a formal letter was submitted to the Registrar/Director, the Global Open University, Nagaland requesting them to release him from the post of Controller of Examinations by 31st July, 2017. On 17th July, 2017 we packed up all our belongings for transport to Imphal in the allotted car and engaged a driver for going to Imphal. On the 18th July, 2017 we left the Global Open University, Nagaland, Dimapur Campus (7.00am) and reached Imphal by 4.30 pm due to land slide. We travelled to Imphal via Wokha-Kohima Road by extending additional 60 km. on the 10th July, 2017 the writer sent a mail to the Registrar/Director, Registrar/Director, the Global Open University, Nagaland stating reason for leaving Dimapur to Imphal because of his wife sudden health problem. On 23rd July, 2017 (Sunday) (8.00am) we left North AOC/Imphal as last trip to Registrar/Director, the Global Open University, Nagaland, Dimapur by hiring a driver. On 24th July 2017 the writer attended office and called on VC/the Global Open University, Nagaland requesting him to release the writer from the post of Controller of Examination by 31st July, 2017 without fail. He complied the request and relieved him from the post w.e.f. 31st July, 2017. On 31st July 2017 (Monday) we packed all materials for departure to Railway Station and reached Dimapur Railway Station by 4.00 pm. Train departed Dimapur Railway Station by 4.55 pm and reached Guwahati Railway Station by 9.30 pm. We halted at Mayur hotel, Paltan Bazar. On 1st August 2017, we left Mayur hotel for Guwahati Airport and left Guwahati Airport for Imphal (11.40am). We reached Imphal Airport by 12.30 pm. Thus the writer assignment at Registrar/Director, the Global Open University, Dimapur was ended with a lot of new experience.
On 2nd August, 2017 (Wednesday), the writer joined newly established Nibiaa consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Singjamei Bazar, Imphal – 795008 as its Chairman/M.D.  This was the third phase for the writer assignment after getting pension from the service of the Manipur University.
During 2017, a review article entitled “Aerobiology in North East India in the context of health, heritage and environment” was published by the writer in J. Mycopath Res. 54(4): 451-459 (ISSN. 0971-3719).
The writer along with his wife attended 20th National Conference on Aerobiology (January 29-31, 2018) at the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (M.S.) and delivered 3rd Prof. Sunimal Chanda Memorial Lecture on the topic “Aeropalynology in North East India”and the same was published in Indian J. Aerobiology 30(1&2): 70-81 (2017) (ISSN 0971-1546).
The writer also attended 105thIndian Science Congress (March 16-20, 2018) at Manipur University, Canchipur and chaired a session in Plant Sciences. The sectional President (Plant Sciences), Prof. Akhilesh K. Pandey presented a memento to the writer. On 17th Nov 2018, extension bulletins on “Biological based Integrated Management of Parthenium) (English, Manipuri and Meitei mayek) were released by the Administrator, Manipur University, Shri Jarnail Singh, IAS (Rtd) at the conference hall of Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University.  The bulletins were prepared by Prof. N. Irabanta Singh, Principal Investigator, BDT/GOI Twinning Programme for N.E. India.
The project completion report on “Developing of Digital database on Bioresources of North-East India through a Network Approach among the North-Eastern States” (01/02/2013 to 28/11/2015) sanctioned by DBT/GOI was placed by Power point before the technical Expert committee on Energy, Environment and Biodiversity Conservation for NER during its meeting held on 19th June, 2019 at NER-BPMC, New Delhi.
The following observations and recommendations were made by the committee 
The committee noted that information on 1216 plant and 195 animal species of NE has been compiled from primary and secondary sources by eight Coordinating Centers of the project. The database after due verification of the identity and nomenclature of taxa should be linked to IBIN as committed in the project.
In view of the above, the committee noted that the progress achieved under the project is “satisfactory”.
The writer along with his wife, Shri N (O). Ibempishak Devi attended the 21st National conference on Aerobiology (November 18-20, 2019) at Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan (W.B.) and delivered an invited Lecture on the topic “Aerophycology in North-East India”. On 22nd November, 2019 the writer student Ms. S. Nimyaola submitted her Ph.D. thesis in Life Sciences Manipur University on the topic “Aeromycological studies over Kachai Lemon Plantation field in Ukhrul district, Manipur” She worked under the joint supervision of Prof. N. Irabanta Singh and Prof. M. Shyamkesho Singh of the Life Sciences Department, Manipur University. Again, the writer along with his wife attended International Seminar on “Agriskills for Convergence in Research, Industry and Livelihood” (ACRIL,19) (28 November to 01 December, 2019) organized by the Crop and Weed Science Society (CWSS), Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya (BCKV), Mohanpur, Nadia (W.B.) and delivered a key note on the topic “ Parthenium menance in North East India and its management through Plant biocontrol agent”. He also chaired one of the scientific sessions and also acted as one of the judges for “Young Scientist Award” 2019 selection for Crop and Weed Science Society.
Conclusion : Pensioner from the service of the Manipur University, Canchipur but not retired from Academic activities.
The writer is former Professor (Higher Academic Grade)/Life Sciences, Manipur University, Former President, Indian Aerobiological Society (2007-2010) and Life Time Achievement Awardee, IAS – 2010)