KSA questions prescription of two textbooks

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 9: The KSA has questioned proscription of two textbooks for standard III Environmental Studies by BoSEM  and demanded review of the same at the earliest.
Speaking to media persons at their Khoyathong office this afternoon, KSA president N Chetan said that the first edition of standard III Environmental Studies was published in 2011 followed by reprints in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
A revised edition was published last year.
However, both the reprint of 2017 and the revised edition of 2018 are available in markets thereby creating utter confusion among teachers and parents alike, Chetan said.
Both the textbooks are like in contents although their covers look different. However, the reprint of 2017 has 28 chapters while the revised edition of 2018 has only 24 chapters.
Teachers as well as parents are confused regarding which of the two textbooks should be studied in schools, Chetan remarked.
He then appealed to BoSEM  to come out with a clarification regarding the matter within one week.  He said that both the textbooks are printed and published in very poor quality.  For instance, in one chapter, primary colours are explained but the diagrams as well as the whole textbooks are printed in black and white thereby rendering all the explanations quite incomprehensible, he said.
He then asked as to why the particular text books were not printed in multicolour. Other pictures and illustrations are also of very poor quality. There is one illustration of tiger but the picture looks more like a cat, Chetan said.
He added that KSA would continue to check all textbooks prescribed and/or published by BoSEM and CoHSEM.