ILP demand

DIMAPUR, May 11: Organisations in Nagaland have rolled up their sleeves to further pressure the authority concerned to implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the whole of the State.  In this regard, the Joint Committee on Prevention of Illegal Immigrants (JCPI) has convened a meeting on May 18 in Dimapur, reports NNN.
According to the JCPI, the meeting is being convened for further discussion on Inner Line Permit/Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (ILP/BEFR) and Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).
"One may recall that the JCPI was formed by tribe hohos, civil society organisations and mass based organizations on August 8, 2018 making for altogether 28 organizations," the JCPI said. It also said that, for the past almost one year the committee has carried out the job diligently as mandated by the tribe leaders and responsible organizations.
"However, in the intervening period many issues, some contentious, have arisen for which renewed discussion is necessary. Apart from this, the committee would also like to present its progress report to the august gathering of leaders," the JCPI added.  The JCPI, therefore, requested the "esteemed presence of all 16 tribe hohos", mass-based organizations, and civil society organisation leaders at the May 18 meeting called by the committee at Tourist Lodge hotel, Dimapur, at 11 am.
"While the JCPI empathizes with the busy schedule of the leaders and the inconvenience faced in travelling to Dimapur due to time constraint, bad roads, and the expenditure incurred, it’s our sincere request that the presidents and the general secretaries of the organizations make it convenient to attend in person," it added.