No to weighbridge

IMPHAL, May 11 : The All Manipur Road Transport Drivers’ and Motor Workers’ Union has categorically stated that they would never allow operationalisation of any weighbridge at Jiribam.
A press release issued by the union contended that there is no question of rice transporters carrying cement along Imphal-Jiribam highway.
Reacting to the news item published on May 11 with regard to the Jiribam weighbridge, the union alleged that the particular news item was fed by dishonest pseudo transporters and it attempted to project drivers as frauds and the weighbridge as a source of harassment to transporters.
Condemning the malicious projection of drivers, the union said that it knows very well which transport organisations are active on Imphal-Jiribam highway.
The order which restricted the tonnage of trucks plying on Imphal-Jiribam highway to just 24 tonnes was issued by Transport Department in cahoot with BRO without taking into account the ground reality, it alleged.
Drivers do not just transport any type of good on the highway. They have been transporting goods as per the Motor Vehicles Act. The anonymous transporters need not take undue interest in the matter, asserted the All Manipur Road Transport Drivers’ and Motor Workers’ Union.
There is no objection when law enforcing agencies take up legal action against transporters/drivers who are defying rules but the anonymous pseudo transporters do not have any business even if some trucks assigned to transport rice are carrying cement too, it said.
The union is fully aware of the huge amounts the weighbridge owner would earn in a year if the weighbridge is re-activated.
It went on to assert that the anonymous transporters’ organisations do not have any business if the trucks carry loads heavier than 24 tonnes or just 24 tonnes.
If they are bold enough, they should not remain anonymous and there is no question of jealousy or dishonesty among drivers plying along Imphal-Jiribam highway.
There will be dire consequences if the drivers are projected as frauds and rule  breakers, it added.