MBC comes alive to the spirit of Mother's Day


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 12 : As a part of the worldwide observation of Mother's Day, the same was also organised at Manipur Baptist Convention Centre Church today.
It may be mentioned that MBC Centre Church has been awarding Mother of the year award since 1996 and for this year, the Mother of the Year was handed to retd Chief Technical Officer of  ICAR Manipur entre, Sanyaola Kengoo Raman (61) of Mapao Zingtun village (presently staying at Langol Laimanai).
During the event, she was crowned Mother of the Year by last year's recipient of the same award Sita Shrestha.
Sanyaola is the wife of  Zangbell Raman, Agri Officer, ADC, Senapati, of Mapao Zingtun. She has two sons and two daughters. Her eldest son, Mathingmi, is married and already has a son. Mathingmi is serving as an IT Manager in German Christian International School, Chiang Maw, Thailand.
Her younger son, Ungrumso, is a Western classical guitarist and is the Choir Director of Needy Home Academy, Mapao Zingtun.
On the other hand, her oldest daughter, Taramla, is doing research in Biotechnology in New Delhi while her younger daughter, Zingcharla, is in Government service in the State.
Speaking at the Mother's Day observation, MBC Centre Church Pastor Rev Zuankamang Daimai said that  in a manner similar to the observation of Mother's Day all over the world, the same is also being organised under the aegis of MBC Centre Church as recognition and respect for all the mothers.
Every mother faces risk when she gives birth to her child and on the other hand, caring and nurturing a child from birth to the stage when he or she can stand on their own, is no small feat, he added.
Rev Zuankamang Daimai continued that all should recognise and give respect to every mother who bear every obstacles in the race to make her child a great person in life.
On the other hand, all those who have strayed from the path of good, also need to realise the hard work and tears of their mothers who gave all they can to steer them to the right path, he said.
Building a great Nation is not possible without mothers. A such, one should respect all the mothers, he added.
As a apart of the event, MBC Centre Church members sang choirs and hymns praising the Lord.
MBCCCI Children Ministry also showcased a tribute in connection with Mother's Day which was performed by the children of Tabitha Children Home.