Happy Mother’s Day

S Rakuvi
Mother’s Day is coming, Here is a chance for us to please mother if we haven’t. Mother means a lot to everyone. In order to honour the mother’s love, second Sunday of May is observed as a Mother’s Day all over the world. Though respect for mothers run deep through centuries the idea of setting aside a special day to honour them never struck until one devoted daughter, Anna Jarvis by name, took upon herself the responsibility of showing her gratitude to her mother two years after her mother’s death. And it was on May 8, 1914, the US senate approved a legislation where President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. Since then year after year and till today the world observed Mother’s Day on this day.
I believe if it was not Anna Jarvis someone would definitely take the initiative to observe Mother’s Day as mothers are very precious. I like the aphorism “God can’t be anywhere so He made mother”. To imagine a world without mother’s love would be horrible...sometimes, that’s why, I used to think that mother could be the greatest gift of God to humanity only next to Jesus Christ.
I heard a story from a preacher about a mother and a son which I want to put down here. Once there lived a mother with her son. Everyday she would do all the household works. She would get up early in the morning, prepare everything and go for work. The son would get up for food and go for class. One day the mother had to go early so she told her son to do the work by himself.
Now unlike any other day the son did everything. After finishing working, he thought he had done so much for his mother. So he wanted to get the reward for his job. He made a list which goes like this : for cooking food I will charge Rs 10, for fetching water, Rs 10, for washing clothes, Rs 10... etc. The lists went on and finally it ended up with Rs 100 in total. He placed the list on the table and went to school. He also did not forget to mention that the amount should be kept ready on the table when he returned.
When the mother saw the list she felt so sad. She decided to teach her son a lesson so she also made another list of hers. This time, the list went on like this: for carrying you 9 months during pregnancy, I will only charge Rs 10, for breast-feeding you, only Rs 10, for cleaning your stool every night, only Rs 10, for bathing you everyday, Rs 10, for disturbing my sleep (crying) every night, Rs 10... and so the list went on and on. She even needed extra paper for this. Finally, the lists ended with a total of around Rs 10,000. So she placed her list on the table. Now the son thought he was going to get Rs 100 for his work and came home happily but to his surprise, he saw his mother’s list instead of money. When he got through he couldn’t stop shedding his tear. He felt so sorry and asked for forgiveness.
Sometimes, not only sometimes but many times, we are like the son in the above story. We couldn’t’ understand our mother’s love and sacrifice. When we do something for them we think we have done so much but let us know that we will never ever be able to repay what our mother has done for us. So let us love our mother and celebrate this day meaningfully. Mother’s Day is a chance for us to say thank you to our beloved mothers and to show our love towards them. All the best to the readers.
Happy Mother’s Day
The writer is an Office Assistant, MBC Centre Church Imphal.