KAI appoints Sensei L Sanjeev as Athlete Commission Member


IMPHAL, May 14
Sensei L Sanjeev who is a member of Manipur Amateur Karate Do Association (MAKA) has been appointed as a member of the Athlete Commission of Karate Association of India yesterday.
MAKA in its press release extended congratulation and wishes to Sensei L Sanjeev on his appointment as the member of the Athlete Commission of the National federation.
It may be noted that L Sanjeev is the first karate athlete from Manipur to represent India in the World Championship organised by the World Karate Federation. He is also an Asian Karate Federation Recognised karate coach and also the in-charge of Manipur Police Karate Team.
Sanjeev is a senior student of International Shito Ryu Karate Federation (Kanglei Shito Ryu Karate Do Manipur) under Shihan Mutum Bankim Singh and was a former inmate of Sports Authority of India from 2004 to 2008 under coach Hanshi Kirankumar Thangjam.
Sanjeev is the second senior player from North East India to be appointed as Athletic Commissioner Member of KAI after P Nobin from Arunachal Pradesh who is serving as an Inspector in Arunachal Police.