Kakhulong Kabuis prepare for Gudui festival on May 17


Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 15: In connection with Gudui festival, which falls on 13th day of Kalen, Kabui community at Kakhulong village on Tuesday started brewing their best traditional drinks- Zoungao, Zoushoumei etc which will be shared among the members of the community during the festival.
Gudui festival is a celebration for bountiful crops. Kabuis prepare best ginger soup and drinks which they shared among the members on the day of the festival praying for health of the family members and rich yield.
Speaking to The Sangai Express, general secretary of Tingkao Rakwang Chapraik Pham, Kakhulong Imphal, Chaoba Kamson said that women have started the process of brewing Zoushoumei, Zoungao yesterday. They grind white rice using traditional grinder "Shungbal" to prepare the drinks, he said.
Gudui festival originated from Makuilongdi village in Senapati district during the olden days when men and God lived on the earth together, he said his forefathers told them.
The drinks Zoungao, Zoushoumei with the ginger soup will be offered to Tingkao Rakwang - Phouoibi Ema for plentiful crop yield on May 17, the 13th day of Kalen, he said.
Origin of Gudui fest
In olden days, when cultivation failed people suffered greatly. Rats, mice and other pests destroyed crops and people were having hard time.
The youth who were strong couldn't continue to carry on their work. Weak, they no longer had energy to work in fields. Seeing the youths suffering, women and girls searched for ways to help them.
The women prepared best ginger soup mixed with nutrients of the fresh soft inner parts of the banana trees and served it to the men.
The men thus gained their strength again and continued their hard work to pull the village/community out of the misery.
They worked in the filed and supported the community with bountiful crops, said Chaoba narrating the origin of the Gudui festival.