Need to focus on the average students tooAttracting the best

It will be interesting to see if any school, especially schools specialising in the plus two level, can help a 70 percenter in the Class X examination book a spot in the top 20 positions in the Class XII examinations two years hence. This observation is made in the backdrop of the numerous freebies put on offer by many schools to attract the best students. A student who topped the Class X examination, repeating the same achievement in the Class XII examination will not come as too much of a surprise, but how about an average student who managed 70 percent in the Class X examination but manages to work her way into the top 10 or top 20 position in the next public examination, that is at the Class XII level ? This is what will set apart an excellent school from the others which capitalise on the merit of students who have already demonstrated their ability to shine in an earlier examination. Ideally this is what schools should be working towards. The achievement will be seen to be greater for transforming an average student to a brilliant one should be seen to be greater than one which keep on tapping into the excellence already demonstrated earlier. Will be nice and highly encouraging if the different schools can highlight how they have helped improve an average student to be bracketed amongst the top 20 students in the State. In a few days time, the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) will announce the results of the Class X examination and while all schools will go the extra length to attract the best with different offers, it will be interesting to see if any school can deliver a statement that they are ready or willing to try to take the average student to the top bracket.
Competition amongst schools to attract the best students is welcome, but it would definitely be better if schools can also compete in the area of demonstrating that they have it in them to polish the average student in such a way that they can make a champion out of her after two years. This may sound a little far fetched, but given the right approach it should not be an impossible task. By all means give the best to the top students, but at the same time, schools should also have the added responsibility of polishing someone who came lower down the pecking order to come out on top. The sense of fulfilment will obviously be much greater in taking a 70 percenter student in the Class X examination to the top 10 in the Class XII examination than to ensure that the toppers in the Class X examination continue to top the Class XII examination too. The competition amongst schools then should not only be about attracting the best students but in making champions out of the average students. For this to happen, the cooperation of the students themselves, their parents and elders of family will be needed and this is where the observation that producing meritorious students should not only be the responsibilities of schools but should also involve the family members gains credence. In a few days time the HSLC examination results will be out and one can expect schools lining up to announce the freebies that they have on offer for the meritorious students. Along with this it would be good if steps are announced to address the aspirations of the average students too.