AHTA threatens to shut Airtel office at Ukhrul

Mungchan Zimik
Ukhrul, May 15 : All Hunphun Tangs Association (AHTA), Ukhrul has warned to shut the Airtel office in Ukhrul as a result of the frequent internet failure and bad services to its customers.
Speaking to our correspondent, president of AHTA Chonmi Raleng stated that the Airtel network has paid no heed despite repeated complaints by the users regarding the bad and erratic internet services at Ukhrul.
AHTA has been patiently observing the way the network provides its services in the area for long but its mere lip services have brought only strong discontentment among its customers, stated Chonmi.
He mentioned that Airtel users have been struggling with poor and bad internet services for the last 10 days.
It can be mentioned that Airtel has the highest number of users in Ukhrul district but the users' complaints are not address on time.
He said nothing is possible without internet connection in this digitised world.
Constant failure of network and unreliable internet services have caused immense inconveniences to the users and have directly impacted daily business transaction, office work etc while numerous students have missed several important notifications concerning their academic career.
Meanwhile, AHTA has demanded reimbursement of the data wasted during the last 10 days while warning that AHTA would frame charges against Airtel for their alleged intention to pilferage its users money on network excuses if it fails to compensate.
President of AHTA further informed that the same problem of network irregularities of Airtel in Ukhrul has been verbally highlighted to the officer stationed at Imphal many times so that the network is restored in time.
AHTA would not tolerate anymore but resort into action by forcefully shutting down the Airtel office at Ukhrul if any more complaints about its service irregularities is received.