Quiet burial given to Imphal Evening


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 16: Imphal Evening, which was introduced by the State Government supposedly to give a taste of night life to the people of the State, is now gone without any explanation.
On the other hand, just when the people were beginning to experience some form of night life by going to buy vegetable and other items in the evening along BT road, the same has also been cut short as nowadays police are shooing away the roadside vendors as soon as the clock strikes 8.30 pm.
It may be mentioned that Imphal Evening was launched on October 2, 2017, as a sign that the law and order situation in Manipur had become normal and night life was possible. As a part of the event, every week on Saturday and Sunday, one of the roadside all the way from Raj Bhavan to Khoyathong was blocked and numerous stalls were opened.
It is often said that Imphal Evening is the brainchild of Chief Minister N Biren Singh. However, without any reason, Imphal Evening wrapped up some time back.
On the other hand, nowadays many people do not have time to go for shopping during the day time as they are mostly engaged in offices or work and as such, many often regard coming out for shopping in the evening and night a great stress reliever.
 However, the recent incident along BT road in which an old building collapsed, has led to police preventing street vendors and shopkeepers from opening shop late at night.
According to a source, neither the MAHUD nor the  IMC has issued any kind of order preventing the vendors from opening shop late at night but nevertheless since the incident, the vendors are made to close and call it a day after 8.30 pm.
Police use loudspeakers and shoo away the women vendors now, as soon as it is 8.30 pm, the source added.