KSO Gunpi Block executives turn in to police

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, May 16 :The seven executives of KSO Gunpi Block who have been accused of burning down St Joseph's School turned themselves in to the SP Kakching today.
Meeting the media at the SP office, KSO Chandel  stated that the accused KSO block executives have came out from hiding as they have reposed their trust in the police and the law.
The KSO Gunpi Block executives had hoped that the investigation that has been going on for the past several days would have revealed the real culprits but instead it has blatantly accused them with the police launching a manhunt, said the student body.
The situation had become such that the blame is continually heaped on KSO so long as they are absconding. As such they decided to give themselves in to prove their innocence. They expect a fair trial in the Court and that they should not be condemned with unsubstan- tiated evidences.
However if any of the executive is found guilty action should be initiated against those guilty person, it added. The KSO Chandel also appealed to the investigating authority not to give undue harassment or inhumane treatment to the accused persons.