Mega Society states stand, clarifies

IMPHAL, May 17: Clarifying on the charges levelled by Top Dusara Land Protection Committee in many local dailies, Mega Manipur Society has announced that it welcomes the ruling of the High Court of Manipur and appealed to the Top Dusara Land Protection Committee and the Pradhan of Top Dusara to settle the matter properly as per the legal provisions.
A press release issued by the secretary of Mega Manipur Society mentioned that the society is a not a profit organisation and is formed to promote quality education in the State and added that it is not owned by any single individual nor is it run to earn any profit.
The society is duly registered under the Manipur Societies Registration Act 1989, it added.
It claimed that the land in question, measuring 22.2 acres, which was allotted to the society, was made after due consultation of the local clubs in and around the allotted land which included Tinsid Road Youth Organisation (TRYO), Star Club and Eastern Sporting Association and added that no objection to the proposed allotment was also given by the then member of 10 Top Naoriya Zila Parishad.
During the process of allotment, a meeting was called by the then Pradhan of Top Dusara and two members of the Mega Manipur Society attended the meeting. However, as the condition set by the Pradhan was not acceptable, the society approached other local bodies who were more accommodative.
The recommendation of the Pradhan is not mandatory for land allotment under MLR & LR Act 1960, it explained.
It continued that the application for land allotment was made based on the information and documents duly vetted by local clubs and provided by one L Kumar who agreed to part with a portion of land for a nominal amount and in appreciation of his gesture, the society offered Kumar a job.
After the allotment, some local and non-local land owners complained that some land belonging to them have been included in the allotment, it narrated alleging that there was also a complaint from some people who had encroached upon the allotted land described by the Government as Khas Land.
Mega Manipur Society requested the then DC of Imphal East to leave any patta land from allotment as the society did not intend to forcefully take anyone's land. However, during the process of verification, the so called pattadars went to the High Court and refused to submit their patta along with their allotment orders to the DC.
Any chance of their patta land being dropped from the allotment was scuttled by themselves and the society had no hand in it, claimed.
Pointing out that as per a letter of the Assistant Director of Printing and Stationery, Manipur, it has been learned that it did not publish any allotment order of the pattas being claimed by the petitioner of the case in the Manipur Gazette. It explained that the High Court has disposed both cases, those claiming to hold pattas and those who encroached upon the Khas land. The High Court has also ordered the Revenue Department to resolve the issue in an amicable way and to give an order within 3 months and to direct the petitioners to submit their documents within two months.
Stating that it is not clear if the petitioners have submitted their documents to the Revenue Department till date, it continued that a representation was made from the local Pradhan on behalf of the so called land owners, to Mega Manipur Society. It was however decided not to attend any reconciliation meeting other than those called by the Revenue Department or its officials.
Expressing concern at the alleged threats made by the Top Dusara Land Protection Committee, the society urged the State Government to take up steps to prevent any mob culture when it comes to settling disputes and also appealed to all those concerned to settle the matter under the legal framework.
Any threat to the society and school will not be taken lightly, it added.