MCS/MPS through lottery?

Free Thinker
Bizando : Eigya, how is hand ?
Maharaj : Hand is fine with the lotus ?
Bizando : Hujur ,I mean your own personal hand ?
Maharaj : It is perfectly alright by the grace of Apollo . What is up?
Bizando : Eigya, there is political fluidity all-around, waiting for 23rd May, many things depend on the outcome; most probably we will continue.
Maharaj : I am aware of the political developments; everyone is anxious and too erratic. Apart from political uncertainties and possibilities what is happening? MPSC recruitment exam has to be postponed! this is Deja vu. What is wrong?
Bizando: Eigya, MPSC had to postpone the preliminary exam as per the direction from the High Court. I believe MPSC is supposed to comply certain things before going ahead with the recruitment exam. Perhaps there was an earlier Court ruling in this regard. Now I realize that Courts are not part of the government. We were wrongly taught that there are three organs of government, judiciary, legislature and executive. Judiciary behaves in a very different paradigm.
Maharaj: I will advise Radhe to change the definition of government particularly about its organs; now tell me, what are the formalities and conditions to be fulfilled. We must do it fast, we don’t know how long we can continue like this. They are supposed to be the steel frame of our administration.
Bizando: Whether they are steel-frame or bamboo-frame that will be pellucidly exposed in course of time; but we must follow the direction of the Court; no one is above the law; even a judge is tried and exonerated for alleged eve-teasing; even the US President apologized for his natural instinct with Monica. Those in high positions must be very careful even if they have willing partners.
Maharaj: Revered justice was not pulled up for eve-teasing; doing something against the will of a lady, is not a civil offence. Monica was perhaps willing; the only problem was that the President lied under oath. Here, there is no restriction for speaking lies.
Bizando: Sire, what about bigamy, trigamy, char-gamy, panch-gamy or polygamy; government servants are allowed only to have a single wife; where leaders have many spouses?
Maharaj: You are inexperienced in this field; it is about luxury and affordability; don’t divert the issue. Come to the point.
Bizando:  Eigya, frankly speaking people smell a rat in the system. Once people have lost faith in an institution, it becomes very difficult to restore the prestige and position of the institution. For the preservation and restoration of an institution to its past glory we need men of integrity. These days it is extremely difficult to find such persons.
Maharaj : Why can’t we call back our own people with some integrity , from outside ; I mean those Manipuris who are willing to come back to the motherland and want to do something for our land and the people . 
Bizando : Of course Sire, that will be brain-gain (reversing brain-drain); but my contention is, even if we have honest people and even if the MPSC conducts the exam rightly, we are bound to face litigations. It has been the trend in the last 2 decades or so; So, my simple suggestion is that instead of conducting the exam we may have a draw of lots for recruitment. This a very democratic way of giving employment to the people. All the eligible candidates should be allowed to participate. High Judges may be requested to be the jury of such a lottery.
Maharaj : This is a good suggestion. We can’t be blamed for corruption or manipulation in such a free and fair recruitment lottery, that too in the presence of the judges. In addition, we would be emancipated from the burden of recruitment related cases. But, what about merit?
Bizando : Huzur, every candidate is a graduate , that is the minimum qualification; a graduate is quite capable; and administration is not rocket-science; any graduate within the age limit may be appointed as MCS or MPS or MFS or SDC etc. as per the quota.  There will be proper training before the induction in their jobs. Moreover, poor and helpless youths who can’t afford higher degrees and coaching etc. will get a chance to enter the coveted Civil / Police service of the land.
Maharaj : Bizando , be serious, is it possible to do recruitment through the lottery system; is there any such recruitment system in the world ? Whether it goes against the spirit of meritocracy?
Bizando : Eigya, let us not talk like elites, you stand for common people ; even if such a system is not in existence in any part of the world , we can start it here; what is wrong if we become the pioneer of a recruitment system which is utterly fair, democratic, impartial and equitable. All the graduates shall be treated as equal; recruitment will be through a lottery; and it will be conducted by the MPSC under the supervision of the competent Judiciary. As far as the issue of merit is concerned, we don’t need the brain of Einstein or Da Vinci or the mind of Solomon for administration and policing.
Maharaj : Then, shall we try ? I know people will call me crazy.
Bizando : Sire, this is a very powerful idea, more powerful than your “go to kachin-koya” because it will restore the prestige of our institutions; and we won’t be blamed for bribery, favoritism, nepotism, impartiality etc.; at the same time it will restore the faith of the poor and powerless in the institutions and also on us. Let us do it and if possible, for all our recruitments (without compromising the eligibility criteria i.e., education, age, quota etc.). If we come out with flying colors with this experiment the world will start learning from us.
Maharaj : Bizando , first let me secure myself and then let us see what can be done; Proletariats will agree but the bourgeoisie shall cry “merit compromised”! Still I like the idea.