Cry Of A Dying River...77

   Rajendra Kshetri

I am no longer the river I was once
There was once a time when
Nambul flows with turns and twist
An era when Nambul Speaks with gurgles and twirls
A certain time in the riverine ecosystem
When Nambul sings lullabies
A chapter in the riverine story
When Nambul produces peals of laughter
A lap in the riverine aquatic journey
When Nambul soothes shattered souls.

I am no longer the river I was once
The river that flowed through time and space
The river that was the union of two realms
The mountain mystique and the lake lyrical
Realms that took one's breath
A life line for people on the banks
A heaven of a sanctuary for birds
A flowing aquarium for fishes
A solace for sinned souls
The river solitude in search of existential meaning.