FNR extends solidarity

Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, May 19 : The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), while expressing its grave concern on the situation in Naga areas in Myanmar, said that it "continues to stand for a culture of peace and respect for human rights".
In this spirit, the FNR said that it "stands with the Eastern Konyak Union’s (Myanmar) concern over the plight of innocent civilians in the Naga Self-Administered Zone".
The FNR said that it was deeply disturbed with the ongoing armed confrontation between the Myanmar army and the NSCN-K, resulting in suffering of innocent civilians and destruction of properties in Naga villages in the Naga Self-Administered Zone.
"We send our message of solidarity and hope to the civilians whose safety, livelihood, properties and physical movements are being threatened and denied," the FNR said.
The FNR then affirmed its commitment to the principle of promoting a people-based peace process and made an appeal that the armed confrontation between the Myanmar army and NSCN-K, "which is buttressed by regional National security interests", should not sabotage the mental, economic and physical well-being of innocent Naga civilians.
It also said that conducting armed confrontation, torture and harassment of people and destruction of properties in civilian inhabited areas must be avoided. The FNR further appealed that the Myanmar army and NSCN-K work to honour the regional-level ceasefire that was signed in April 2012.
The Forum also appealed that intervention of Naga community leaders, humanitarian aid and human rights workers be made possible based on accepted international principles.