Central NPF states stand on Manipur issue

Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, May 19: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has said that the 4 NPF legislators in Manipur “have been pillars on which the N Biren Singh Government stood”.
However, according to the NPF, the BJP led Government in Manipur “failed to acknowledge this very fact and failed to fulfil the commitments given to the NPF party and its MLAs”.
The official statement of the Central headquarters of the NPF based in Kohima came on Sunday evening.
“The decision taken on May 18 by the NPF party along with the 4 MLAs of Manipur is solely to do with the NPF party and it is the party’s prerogative to take decisions which is best for the party whether it is in Nagaland, Arunachal or Manipur State,” the statement said, adding, ”The NPF party may not elaborate further”.
According to the Central headquarters of the NPF, the party along with the Manipur State unit of the NPF “has taken a consensus decision which the party felt is need of the hour”.
The NPF then accused the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) in Nagaland State of “meddling” in the affairs of the NPF.
“The NPF regrets to ask the NDPP as to why it is fretting over the decision of the NPF party in the State of Manipur ?” the Central headquarters of the NPF asked. “There is no presence of NDPP in Manipur and the decisions of the NPF will in no way have an impact whatsoever on their party”, the NPF statement further said. “Further, the BJP is not in alliance with the NPF in Nagaland as the BJP has formally severed ties with us after the formation of PDA Government” in Nagaland State, the NPF added.
It can be noted here that the NDPP had stated in the Sunday’s editions of local newspapers that “the statement of the NPF with regard to its stand in Manipur is nothing but a sign of directionless leadership and indication that the NPF leadership continues to play a constant double game.
“The NPF has been extremely critical of the BJP and the PDA alliance in Nagaland with allegations of the BJP being anti-secular and anti-Christian. In Nagaland, the BJP is painted as a Hindutva party but in Manipur the NPF has always been in alliance with the BJP to the extent of having a Minister in the BJP led Manipur Cabinet,” alleged the NDPP.
Reacting to the statement of the NDPP, the NPF said that, unlike the former “which practices dictatorship like set up and unilateral decisions that are taken by the leader with no questions asked and regardless of what the party functionaries opine, and which the NDPP party categorizes as a ‘strong leadership’, the NPF party has a democratic set up and decisions are taken after proper and thorough deliberation”.
The NPF alleged that, the “current scenario in the State is that the NDPP party, which cannot take decisions on their own for the party but needs to consult and listen to the directives of the BJP high command, needs to sort their house first before pointing fingers at others”. The NPF added, “The so called NDPP led PDA Government in Nagaland is a de facto BJP led Government and the NDPP leadership is a mere puppet on the stage set by the BJP”.
The NPF said that it will do well for the NDPP party to “stop instigating the NPF to bring down the BJP led Government in Manipur”.
It further said that the NPF will take decisions and act on its own as and when the party needs to for the betterment and welfare of the party. “The sly act of the NDPP to provoke the NPF so as to see the BJP led Government in Manipur collapse is nothing new and surprising as this is the kind of politics which the leadership of the NDPP prides themselves in being an expert,” the NPF statement added.